Practice Areas: Professional Malpractice and Ethics


Clients hire professionals including lawyers, accountants, technology professionals, and engineers, with a certain level of confidence in their abilities and credentials; an expectation of professionalism and experience. When results don’t match their expectations – regardless of the circumstances – the response is to blame the professional and sue.

Included within the skill set of our Professional Negligence practice group is the defense of claims brought against directors & officers for alleged breaches of fiduciary duties. Our experience ranges from Home Owners' Association claims to sophisticated medical center credentialing disputes to publicly held corporate D&O claims, and E&O claims.

It's our job to protect and defend the professional clients and fiduciaries we serve, helping them manage the risks inherent to their practice, and advising and representing them if the need arises. We serve a wide variety of clients, in all areas, including legal, accounting, engineering,  intellectual technology, and architecture concerns. From publicly held firms to small partnerships to sole proprietorships, we have the specialized experience and expertise to help our clients avoid, manage and survive litigation.

Focus Areas
  • Loss prevention
  • Liability defense
  • Alternative dispute resolution