Practice Areas: Intellectual Property / Entertainment


The Intellectual Property (IP) and Entertainment Law Practice Group of Hall Booth Smith, P.C. works with creative minds and creative businesses to help preserve, protect and actualize their intellectual, entertainment, and technological property. Based in the Nashville and Atlanta offices, our IP and Entertainment Law Practice Group represents artists, songwriters, producers, executives, record labels, managers, music and book publishers, filmmakers, film and television production companies/producers, and on-air personalities in their business planning and litigation matters.

The IP and Entertainment Law Practice Group is divided into a Transactional and a Litigation Section. What makes our practice group unique from other firms around the country is that our two sections and our lawyers within each section are constantly working together seamlessly to handle our clients’ intellectual property, entertainment, and technology matters. We provide a complete array of services to our clients for all their IP and Entertainment Law needs including:

  • Copyright
  • Trademark
  • Entertainment (including music, film, television, book, advertising and performing arts)
  • Technology
  • Assistance with Patent Prosecution and Litigation

The practice group has closed thousands of deals for intellectual property, technology, and entertainment related businesses as well as litigated many "cutting edge" issues of IP law. The IP and Entertainment Law Practice Group members speak regularly on industry panels and contribute as writers to various publications. Many are active members of the various industry societies (including NARAS, CMA, etc.), and others serve on boards of industry non-profit organizations.

Focus Areas

Copyright (Music, Film, Software, Books, Graphic, Visual and Performing Arts)

Legal evaluation of "substantially similar" works
Litigation related to "sampled" works
Copyright filings
Recordation of assignments of copyright for catalog and asset purchases
Licensing and distribution agreements


Trademark search opinion letters
Trademark filings
Concurrent use agreements
Trademark litigation, including state actions of dilution


Draft and negotiate:

  • Major label recording agreements
  • Movie and specialty productions
  • Sale of sound recording and music publishing catalogs
  • Special events contracts
  • National syndication contracts
  • Synchronization licenses
  • Book publishing agreements and book agent agreements
  • Publishing, co-publishing, and administration agreements
  • Music producer contracts
  • Artist development and speculation production agreements for artists, producers, managers and labels
  • Strategize national tours
  • Assist and oversee 01 visa and green card filings for resident alien entertainers
  • Form music and movie production companies
  • Form, merge and sell C-corps, S-corps and LLC's related to entertainment clientele
  • Formulate Litigation on behalf of companies and executive clients within the entertainment business
  • Advice on purchases of master recordings and song catalogs out of bankruptcy and otherwise
  • Handle complex litigation matters related to all issues of copyright and trademark infringement, breach of contract, and other related issues in state and federal court around the country