Practice Areas: Data Privacy and Security


As businesses continue to increase their use and storage of data, security breaches also continue to increase in frequency and scope.  Our attorneys at HBS can provide you with proactive strategies to reduce the likelihood of a security breach, and remedies to reduce your loss exposure should your data be compromised.

About Our Practice

Electronic transfer of data and "cloud computing" reach across geographical boundaries in the global marketplace.  While most jurisdictions have some level of data security laws, these laws can vary widely from one state or country to another.  This creates a maze of compliance and protection risk issues.

HBS attorneys can identify the data protection laws applicable to your business, and develop a proactive plan to comply with these laws and reduce the risk of a data security breach.

If a data security breach has occurred the cost can be high, not just in terms of dollars or litigation, but in terms of your integrity and brand.  HBS can work with you to respond to the breach and minimize the effect on your business.

With professional integrity and skill, we can help:

  • Determine the PII (personally identifiable information) of your corporation
  • Evaluate your privacy promises and standards
  • Understand the scope of risk
  • Prioritize your privacy resources based on your risks
  • Follow the laws and regulations and track the changes
  • Develop written policies for employee conduct
  • Institute a security quality assessment and improvement plan
  • Develop a data breach incident response plan and team

Should you have a data breach incident we can:

  • Carry out the investigation process
  • Complete the consumer notification process
  • Apply best practices for future coverage of your company