Practice Areas: Correctional Health Care


At HBS, we understand the liability implications created by correctional health care regulations, mandates, and legal standards. Handling correctional health care cases requires a unique understanding of this particular area of law. Cases involving an inmate’s medical treatment are layered with little-known rules, procedures, requirements, and defenses that can only be identified by attorneys possessing the specialized knowledge and experience necessary to properly handle claims against correctional health care practitioners. HBS attorneys have successfully settled and litigated numerous cases involving lawsuits brought by inmates and represented correctional health care companies on issues related to regulatory compliance. Our experience brings superior knowledge and skill to all correctional health care companies and practitioners.

Our dedicated team of professionals committed to the correctional health care industry is aware of changes, trends, and developments in the law as it specifically relates to correctional health care issues.  We have a consistent track record for our clients to identify legal issues surrounding a claim immediately upon review which allows us to be proactive in the defense of our clients.  Within the correctional health care community, we are currently engaged in:

  • Litigation of lawsuits filed by or on behalf of inmates.
  • Advice to clients regarding regulatory compliance with both Federal and State law.
  • Risk management assessments related to policies and institutional operations.
  • Representation of correctional health care companies and practitioners on issues related to licensure or certification.
  • Presentation of seminars and continuing education programs specifically designed for correctional health care.