Joining HBS’s Staff

HBS is a full-service firm with a wide range of practice areas, offering our staff members the opportunity to develop their interests and focus in their preferred areas of practice. Repeatedly recognized as one of the “Best Places to Work,” HBS cultivates an inclusive, collegial environment geared toward helping our employees succeed. We value and embrace diversity, recognizing that different cultures, backgrounds and perspectives enable us to best serve our clients.

Dedicated to Professional Growth

Through teamwork, an effective mentoring program, and a commitment to our employees and diversity, we strive to achieve our vision. HBS continuously seeks opportunities for professional and personal growth for all of our employees. We have active training programs and support our employees seeking to advance their careers through further education. In addition to our other training programs, we maintain an active Women’s Forum, which conducts seminars and events throughout the year designed to provide our female attorneys, staff members and clients with professional growth opportunities.

OurMentoring Program is dedicated to establishing and cultivating strong relationships within the firm in order to facilitate the professional, business, and personal development of all participants. 

Our Culture

HBS demands professionalism and dedication from our employees, yet our culture is relaxed, considerate and cheerful. We thrive in an atmosphere of mutual respect and consideration that promotes camaraderie, collegiality and collaboration.

Ensuring a Work-Life Balance

Ensuring work-life balance for our employees is important at HBS. We offer flexible work schedules to accommodate individual needs and provide opportunities for staff members to work part time yet continue to maintain their place in line for promotion.