Atlanta partner Brad Carver was featured in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Politically Georgia article “Georgia Renews Old Quest to Retake Tennessee Border.” To read more about Carver’s ongoing mission to provide a long-term water supply solution for metro Atlanta, click here.

On Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to review the Sixth Circuit’s finding that it has jurisdiction to hear challenges to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers’ controversial Clean Water Rule.

Written by: Scott Cole The March 8 status conference in Florida v Georgia indicates that the Special Master is growing tired of massive discovery rather than settlement efforts.  The parties are still disputing burden of proof issues and related discovery deadlines, and GA has requested another extension.  But the Special Master blasted them for not focusing on core issues and mediation: “I am not prepared to grant any extension today. From prior conferences you know that I’m very reluctant to extend this marathon. Very early on and, again, as recently as last month I suggested that you meet and confer on limiting the scope of discovery to the basic, hard-core issues you believe necessary to inform judgment. Instead, as reflected, once again, in these progress reports, both sides have plunged even deeper into discovery of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of complex issues that will ultimately be left on the wayside, millions…       Read More

By: Scott Cole, Esq. The Public Comment period for the Environmental Impact Study for the proposed Glades Reservoir in Hall County is open.  The Public Comment session at the Hall County Auditorium last night had many speculating on what the true purpose of the reservoir could be.  Hall County Commissioners appear wedded to the purpose of supplying water to meet the future needs of Hall County residents despite recent population projections indicating current supplies could meet demand well into the future.  Local environmentalists are convinced the reservoir is nothing more than amenity for the thousands of undeveloped acres surrounding the proposed reservoir.  At the same time, the state’s water planners appear ready to step in to support the proposed reservoir as regional storage to supplement flows in other parts of the basin.  But the impacts are known.  Until Lake Lanier is “full,” the Glades Reservoir will keep water ordinarily stored…       Read More

The  Kinder Morgan Palmetto Gasoline Pipeline was recently blocked by the Georgia DOT Commissioner.  Kinder Morgan is appealing the agency decision to Superior Court.  The DOT decision will only be overruled if it was found to be arbitrary and capricious. See article here for more details.  By: Brad Carver, Esq.

Yesterday, the Georgia Water Coalition, a consortium of 217 conservation, environmental, and other organizations, released its annual “Dirty Dozen Report.”  Click on the link below for a full copy of the Report.  The Report condemns water policy in Georgia’s, including efforts to capture and control water in Georgia during times of plenty for use during times of drought, Georgia’s reaction to EPA’s damaging overreach to “protect” water of the U.S.–down to the very last drop—and EPD’s decision limit 25-foot stream buffers to streams, before using water policy to oppose individual infrastructure projects. The Report’s focus on water policy leaves little room within the “Dirty Dozen” to address areas of real concern. Reaction to the Dirty Dozen Report’s condemnation of Georgia Water Policy, and the proposed Glades Reservoir in particular, was published in the Gainesville Times. Reaction to the Dirty Dozen Report’s condemnation of Georgia Water Policy and the…       Read More

GAFA announces funding from the Governor’s Water Supply Program for water supply reservoirs proposed in Paulding County, Carroll County and Dawson County. by: Georgia Environmental Finance Authority Click here to read more.    Supreme Court advised to delay taking on water war case by: The U.S. solicitor general said he believes the Supreme Court should put off accepting a Florida lawsuit that accuses Georgia of consuming too much water. The Army Corps of Engineers is working to complete a “master manual” to guide management of water in the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin, which includes Lake Lanier.

Water group to keep study secret until final plan OK’d  Gainesville Times  Not wanting to get caught in the middle of legal wrangling between Georgia and Florida, a private tri-state water group has decided to clamp down on … Will water sharing plan be shared?  Gainesville Times  A private tri-state water group has worked several years to find a water-sharing solution in the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River basin that includes Lake … Lake Lanier in good shape heading into winter  Gainesville Times  Conditions have reversed for the North Georgia reservoir as full pool adjusted Sunday for winter — dropping to 1,070 feet above sea level from 1,071 feet — and … Compiled by: Scott Cole, Esq.

Gainesville agreement on Glades won’t raise water fees Gainesville Times  Gainesville residents may not pay water rate increases to help fund the planned Glades Reservoir in Hall County, but they could still wind up on the hook down … No funds for reservoir  Dawson Community News  6 by the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority, the lead agency for state energy … Calhoun Creek would straddle the Dawson-Lumpkin County line and fall … State may pay for part of planned Paulding reservoir The Georgia Environmental Finance Authority announced last week that the … Program plans to invest up to $44.9 million in four reservoir and water supply … Georgia’s group “Dirty Dozen” water list includes three issues The Florida Current  Peanuts are harvested in Baconton, Ga. near the Flint River. The Georgia Water Coalition issued a report raising concerns about agricultural water pumping …