Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq. EU Commission’s First Annual Review Confirms Adequacy of the EU-US Privacy Shield The National Law Review In finding that Privacy Shield continues to provide adequate safeguards for personal data transferred to the United States from the EU, the Commission … These Children’s Smartwatches Are Raising Some Serious Privacy Concerns WSB Atlanta The issue of data-leaking smart devices geared toward children is a … With the holiday season approaching, privacy and potentially data-leaking … Why Healthcare Mergers, Acquisitions Can Uncover New Cybersecurity Risks Healthcare IT News These risks can be further elevated during acquisitions since the likelihood of a breach increases as the total cyber footprint expands, Leone said. Millions Caught in South Africa’s ‘Worst Data Breach’ BBC News Authorities in South Africa are investigating a data breach which has seen the personal details of more than 30 million citizens leaked on the internet … New Cyber…       Read More

Written by: Beth Boone, Esq.  and Steven P. Bristol, Esq. Incarceration is big business in the United States, with costs to taxpayers estimated at over $80 billion dollars per year for the estimated 2.2 million individuals in custody. From county jails to state prisons, correctional healthcare providers are in the news daily, from questions and concerns regarding the expenses of jail and prison healthcare contracts to inmates alleging indifference to their medical needs or substandard care by local, state, and federal employees or governmental contract providers. Defending correctional healthcare providers can involve professional negligence and medical malpractice claim management, while often juggling federal civil rights allegations in the same action. The interplay of state and federal causes of action and rights with custodial issues makes the defense of these matters, from pro se inmates to families seeking wrongful death claims through highly skilled attorneys, an increasingly complex matter. Historically, most…       Read More

Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq. Researchers Uncover Flaw that Makes Wi-Fi Vulnerable to Hacks Reuters … hackers to read information thought to be encrypted, or infect websites with malware. FILE PHOTO: A magnifying glass is held in front of a computer … Hyatt Hotels Discovers Card Data Breach at 41 Properties Reuters Hyatt Hotels Corp (H.N) said on Thursday it had discovered unauthorized access to payment card information at certain Hyatt-managed … Professor: KU Student Expelled for Hacking, Changing Grades Online KSHB Barrett-Gonzalez said the school reported that the student plugged a keystroke logger into the back of a lecture hall computer and was eventually able … Microsoft Windows 10 Breaches Dutch Privacy Law BBC News “It turns out that Microsoft’s operating system follows about every step you take on your computer. That results in an intrusive profile of yourself,” said … Teen Image Sharing Site We Heart It Reveals Historic…       Read More

By: James G. Smith, Esq. In a decision handed down this week, the Supreme Court of Georgia issued a notable “win” for Employer/Insurers in a case that has made its way through the courts over the past several years (Ocmulgee EMC et. al. v. McDuffie). Specifically, the Court found that an employer need not show the availability of suitable employment to justify the suspension of benefits after already establishing that the Claimant’s work-related aggravation of a pre-existing condition has ceased to be the cause of the Claimant’s disability. It is also with pride that we note that attorneys Fred Hubbs and David Dix, both partners in our Atlanta office, represented the Employer/Insurer in this case. As for the facts of the case, the Claimant was hired by the Employer in 2007. He subsequently injured his right knee in 2009 and it was accepted as compensable. However, he had previously sustained…       Read More

Written by: Ashley Gowder Mitchell, Esq. Data stored in Fitbits, Apple Watches, and other wearable personal activity “trackers” can be invaluable when evaluating and defending personal injury claims. These devices offer attorneys and claim professionals a wide array of relevant and easy to use information. Mining these devices for key evidence will only become more commonplace as the popularity of trackers increases. It is important for litigators and claims handlers alike to be familiar with personal activity trackers, the data they create, and how to obtain and use that data to defend claims. Data stored in Fitbits, Apple Watches, and other wearable personal activity “trackers” can be invaluable when evaluating and defending personal injury claims. These devices offer attorneys and claim professionals a wide array of relevant and easy to use information. Mining these devices for key evidence will only become more commonplace as the popularity of trackers increases. It is…       Read More

Written by: Payton D. Bramlett, Esq. In trucking cases, plaintiffs very often sue the motor carrier’s primary insurance company directly pursuant to Georgia’s direct action statute.  Traditionally, Georgia appellate courts have held that a direct action against a motor carrier’s primary insurance provider is permitted even when the accident occurred outside the state of Georgia.  See Johnson v. Woodard, 208 Ga. App. 41, 429 S.E.2d 701 (1993).  In Johnson, the Georgia Court of Appeals held that a plaintiff in a personal injury suit stemming from an automobile accident that happened in South Carolina can pursue a direct action against a motor carrier’s insurer.  Id. at 44.  The Court in Johnson concluded that the mere reference to use of Georgia highways in some sections of the direct action statute does not mean that a person has a cause of action under Georgia’s direct action statute only if an injury occurs on…       Read More

Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq. Disqus Confirms Data Breach Affecting 17.5 Million Accounts Washington Times Email addresses and other data associated with roughly 17.5 million accounts on Disqus, a popular online comment hosting service, were exposed as … The End of Privacy New York Times What we have thought of as privacy is dying, if not already dead. … Simply put, the future of our privacy lies in how our data is used, rather than how or … US Supreme Court Declines to Review Computer Hacking Cases Reuters FILE PHOTO: A view of the U.S. Supreme Court building is seen in Washington, DC, U.S. on October 13, 2015. North Korean Hackers Stole US-South Korean Military Plans, Lawmaker Says New York Times SEOUL, South Korea – North Korean hackers stole a vast cache of data, … North Korea runs an army of hackers trained to disrupt enemy computer … Musgrave Cyber-Attack Hits…       Read More

By: Bradley R. Coppedge, Esq. When you hear the term “trust,” or hear someone talking about setting up a trust, or having a trust, or being a trust beneficiary, what thought comes to mind? That the person must be wealthy, right? While trusts are often a common tool in estate planning for the wealthy, they are much more common, and much more practical and useful, than you might ever think for the average person. This brief article will describe 7 common situations where trusts are frequently and regularly used by those who do not fall in to the category of “wealthy.” These trusts can be either inter-vivos trusts, which are created and funded while you are still alive for the benefit of someone else, or testamentary trusts, which are created through your Last Will and Testament and only come in to being upon your death. 1. Trusts for Special Needs…       Read More

Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq. Whole Foods Latest to Fall Victim to Credit Card Breach New York Post “When Whole Foods Market learned of this, the company launched an investigation, obtained the help of a leading cyber security forensics firm, … Will Healthcare Blockchain Resolve Data Privacy Concerns? A recent Black Book survey shows the majority of medical group managers and IT specialists believe healthcare blockchain will alleviate data privacy … Equifax Hack Affected 2.5M More Americans than First Believed New York Post Equifax hack affected 2.5M more Americans than first believed … have gotten their personal information swiped during the cyber attack – bringing the … Spanish Court Grants US Extradition for Russian Hacking Suspect Reuters Spanish court grants U.S. extradition for Russian hacking suspect … of U.S. hacking offences including operating a network of infected computers used … FTC Shines a Little Light on Its Data Security Enforcement…       Read More