Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq. Three Hacked Hospital Databases Up For Sale On Deep Web The Merkle A new week has started, which also means there is a brand new data breach to discuss. One hacker managed to obtain over 650,000 healthcare … EHR Data Potentially Exposed in Vendor Healthcare Data Breach An EHR vendor has notified a medical center of a possible healthcare data breach, while other recent cases involved misplaced and abandoned … French police hit by security breach as data put online BBC News The personal details of 112,000 French police officers have been uploaded to Google Drive in a security breach just a fortnight after two officers were … British teen admits to cyberattack on SeaWorld SC Magazine A British teenager has admitted to instigating cyber attacks on SeaWorld in Florida, but has denied launching bomb threats to airlines in the U.S. via … Why…       Read More

Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq. Report: Russian Hackers Breached Clinton Foundation U.S. News & World Report Bloomberg, citing three unnamed sources familiar with the matter, reported Tuesday that government investigators detected the data breach as … LinkedIn data breach blamed for multiple secondary compromises CSO Online The LinkedIn compromise has been linked to a number of confirmed incidents where data exfiltration has taken place. It’s possible these incidents are … Acer Data Breach Affects 34500 Accounts, Exposes Credit Card Details: What You Should Know Tech Times Acer recently revealed that its server was hacked, affecting 34,500 accounts of its consumers. In an advisory dated Wednesday, the company wrote … 12 latest healthcare data breaches Becker’s Hospital Review The following data breaches were reported within the past six weeks on Becker’s Hospital Review. Breaches are listed here in reverse chronological IL Data Breach Notification Law to Include Healthcare Data The…       Read More

Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq. Russian hackers breach DNC computers, steal data on Trump Russian spies hack US Democratic Party computers Reuters Two separate hacking groups were able to enter the DNC’s system and … expelled over the past weekend in a major computer clean-up campaign.”. Greenwich University target of revenge hack; results in huge data breach Hack Read Brief: Greenwich university has suffered a massive data breach in what looks like a revenge hack – The unknown hacker stole entire database and … 45m passwords stolen from VerticalScope forums in massive data breach The Next Web LeakedSource, which indexes hacked credentials from data breaches, obtained a copy of the database and says that it also found IP addresses in the … Japan’s largest travel agency fears data leak impacts 8 million users ZDNet In today’s day and age where major data breaches are heard of almost weekly, the odd…       Read More

Written by: Don Benson, Esq. and Sam Sykes, Esq. OSHA’S NEW ELECTRONIC DATA REPORTING REQUIREMENTS, (29 CFR § 1904.35(b)(1)(i)), effective August 10, 2016,  also restrict an employer’s ability to impose a blanket demand of post-injury drug testing. OSHA considers such a blanket rule to be retaliatory and to discourage employee reporting of workplace injuries. Employers can avoid claims of retaliation by a careful review of their current policies and drug tests. OSHA’s goal is to encourage employers to establish “reasonable procedures” for deciding when to test an employee once they are made aware of a workplace incident. A blanket requirement for drug testing for all reported injuries would require drug testing after injuries such as bee stings, repetitive strain injuries, injuries caused by lack of machine guarding, or a machine or tool malfunction, that may be unrelated to any employee impairment. OSHA is concerned that employees who do not want…       Read More

Written by: Dale Slemons, Esq. We were recently notified that Premier Immediate Care will be closing both its local offices this summer. This will be permanent closure for the Lawrenceville office on June 30, 2016 and the Suwanee office on July 15, 2016. The following link: will lead you to their website and specific directives as to what to do with regard to obtaining medical records, medication refills, outstanding invoices and referral to other physicians. As you know, O.C.G.A. § 34-9-201(b)(1) requires that the employer maintain a list of six (6) physicians or professional associations or corporations of physicians who are reasonably accessible to the employee. Should either of these Premier Immediate Care facilities be listed on your panel, you will need to update your panel prior to the closure dates. Failure to update your panel could result in your panel being invalidated by an Administrative Law Judge and…       Read More

Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq. GhostShell leaks 36 million accounts from 110 connected servers in security ‘protest’ International Business Times UK The hacker announced the data dump by posting a link on Pastebin, where he wrote that the leak was aimed at raising … However, the most alarming part was the hacker’s admission on how it could have been a much larger breach. Why data-driven analysis must inform healthcare IT security decisions Tech Republic An Information Security manager makes the case for an analytical approach to stem the staggering number of data breaches suffered by the … Stolen Washington Redskins Laptop Had Thousands of Medical Records Infosecurity Magazine “Password protection can prevent the occasional onlooker from accessing the data, but if a disk can be removed or a whole device stolen, only disk … Celebrity Twitter accounts hit by hackers CNET Hacks against website and social media accounts aren’t unusual,…       Read More

Written by: Brian Mallow, Esq. On Monday, the Georgia Supreme Court, in a unanimous opinion, reversed a July 2015 decision of the Court of Appeals that severely restricted the application of both the “change in condition” statute of limitation and the “all issues” statute of limitation. The employee, Willie Barnes, sustained a traumatic work injury in 1993, resulting in a below-the-knee amputation.  The Employer/Insurer accepted the injury as catastrophic and began paying TTD benefits.  In 1994, after he was fitted with a prosthetic leg, Barnes returned to work, and TTD benefits were suspended.  Barnes continued to work for the Employer until 2009 when he was terminated in a round of general lay-offs. In 2012, Barnes filed a workers’ compensation claim, seeking recommencement of TTD benefits under the original 1993 date of injury.  Later in 2012, he filed a separate claim, alleging a “fictional new injury” based on the date that…       Read More

Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq.  MySpace confirms data breach The Hill MySpace on Tuesday said it believed that the breach was correctly … million passwords originally released were not necessarily all of the stolen data. Do Employee Errors Jeopardize Healthcare Data Security? A recent survey revealed that 55 percent of companies experienced a security incident as the result of an employee error, which could indicate … Finally! LinkedIn Comes Clean About Mass Data Breach Fortune On the other hand, as security expert Troy Hunt reports in a definitive account of the recent news, the 2012 breach is not the fault of the company’s … White House outlines PMI data security plan Healthcare Dive The Obama administration released its final data policy framework establishing security expectations for organizations that participate in the Precision … iPhones and Android devices at risk from USB charger data hacking threat Inquirer SECURITY ALARM bell…       Read More

Written by: Jennifer Dorminey Herzog, Esq. Between 1990 and 2011, the Georgia adult prison population more than doubled to nearly 56,000 inmates.[i]   Georgia’s incarceration rate in 2011 – 1 in 70 adults behind bars – was the fourth highest in the nation.  Meanwhile, the state’s recidivism rate hovered at roughly 30% for a decade.[ii]   To attempt to address the problem, the legislature created the Georgia Council on Criminal Justice Reform (initially known as the Special Council on Criminal Justice Reform for Georgians). The Council was directed to investigate the dynamics driving prison growth and costs and recommend improvements.  As the Council enters its sixth year of work, there is a continuing decline of Georgia’s prison population, which stood at 51,822 at the end of 2015.[iii] About 70 percent of Georgia’s inmates do not have a high school diploma, and many of those released from prison have difficulty locating work, contributing to…       Read More