Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq. Sony to Fork Out $8 Million on Staff Lawsuit After Cyber Attack Infosecurity Magazine Sony Pictures Entertainment will pay up to $8 million to draw a line under a lawsuit filed by employees after it suffered a major destructive cyber attack … The Many, Many, Many Flaws of the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act Slate Magazine … users-huge incentives (like protection from legal liability) for “voluntarily” sharing these potential “cyber threat indicators” with government agencies … The CIA Director Got Hacked Because of Data Breach Fatigue Huffington Post Increasingly, in the aftermath of a big news data security item — whether it takes the form of a high-profile mega breach (think: Office of Personnel … Employee fired after St. Francis data breach Greenville News An employee at Bon Secours St. Francis Health System has been terminated after hospital officials discovered that she had inappropriately accessed ……       Read More

By: John E. Parkerson, Jr., Esq. International businesses are inquiring about recent developments with respect to sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Most recognize from media reports, televised Presidential debates, political pundits, and from other sources that the U.S. recently was party to some kind of agreement with Iran that purported to ease sanctions on Iran in exchange for limitations on its nuclear program.   That “agreement” is the so-called Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (“JCPOA”) between the E3/EU+3 (China, France, Germany, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States) and Iran; and it was concluded on July 14 this year. The debate in the U.S. over whether the agreement actually will be effective in curbing Iran’s nuclear program likely will continue for quite some time.  While nuclear program issues continue to be hotly discussed and highly publicized, I surmise that most U.S. companies are at a…       Read More

Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq. Dow Jones breached in hacking campaign The Hill Dow Jones & Co. said Friday that hackers have breached its computer systems, looking for contact information to send fraudulent solicitations. EU Data Protection Regulation: What the EC legislation means for cloud providers … the new regulations will also – for the first time – put them on an equal footing with data controllers when it comes to liability for data breaches and … Medical Informatics Engineering sued over allegations that negligence caused data breach Legal News Line 8 in the Northern Indiana District Court, Fort Wayne Division against Medical Informatics Engineering Inc., citing negligence and breach of contract that … Humana reports data breach that could affect up to 2800 WISN Milwaukee The laptop contained encrypted data on about 2,800 customers. The paper files contained ID numbers for about 250 customers. The paper copies did…       Read More

Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq. Experian, T-Mobile breach exposes 15 million customers, but what will happen to the data? SC Magazine “It’s become commonplace to offer credit monitoring to victims of a data privacy breach, but other attacks could fall outside the monitored time period,” … More data breaches caused by lost devices than malware or hacking, Trend Micro says Network World Trend Micro’s new cybersecurity report says most breaches are actually caused by device loss, rather than malware or hacking. Facebook loses big data privacy battle in Europe CNNMoney They might soon be forced to radically change the way they deal with user data after the European Union’s top court ruled Tuesday that they can’t … Trump hotels warn of data breach in Chicago, other cities Chicago Tribune The data breach may affect people who used credit or debit cards at certain Trump hotels between May 19, 2014 and…       Read More

Written by: Richard Sheinis, Esq. In a ruling that can have great ramifications for technology companies, and almost any U.S. company that does business in the EU, the EU Court of Justice has ruled that the Safe Harbor provisions, which for years has allowed companies to transfer personal data from the EU to the U.S., is invalid. The case came about when Maximillian Schrems, an Austrian citizen and Facebook user since 2008, filed a complaint against Facebook.  As is the case for many EU residents who subscribe to Facebook,  some or all of the data provided by Mr. Schrems to Facebook was transferred from the EU  to servers located in the United States.  Schrems complained to the Irish Data Protection Commissioner that in light of the revelations from Edward Snowden regarding the activities of the U.S. intelligence agencies, the laws of the U.S. do not provide sufficient privacy for personal…       Read More

Written by: James G. Smith, Esq. Recently, I came across an interesting hypothetical scenario in which “horseplay” could have been asserted as a defense. The hypothetical is as follows: An employee arrives at work in the morning and parks his vehicle. As he gets out of the vehicle, a coworker pulls up in a golf cart and offers to give the employee a ride to the main office so that the employee can clock in and begin his day. However, instead of going directly to the main office, the coworker, who is driving the golf cart, begins to goof around and the employee ultimately gets thrown from the golf cart and suffers injuries. Is this a compensable injury, or would the “horseplay” defense be applicable? In Georgia, “horseplay” defenses are assessed on a case-by-case basis and are largely contingent on the facts of the case. In general, on one hand,…       Read More