Patient information released in state agency data breach Atlanta Business Chronicle About 3,000 people served by the Georgia Department of Human Services Division of Aging Services have been notified that their protected health … Cyber attack impacts patients at more than a dozen Kansas hospitals KWCH Patients at more than a dozen Kansas hospitals may have had their personal and medical information compromised in a cyber attack. It’s a case that is … Educational Technology Faces a Pivotal Privacy Moment MIT Technology Review The reason can be found in a recent explosion in state legislation regulating the use of student data and safeguarding its privacy and security. FTC: LifeLock violated settlement over deceptive ID protection Palm Beach Post FTC: LifeLock violated settlement over deceptive ID protection claims … services, and by failing to take steps required to protect its users’ data. What HP’s smartwatch security warning means for your wearable…       Read More

Up until now, most lawsuits against retailers by customers whose personal information was stolen by hackers in a data breach, were dismissed by the courts in the early stages of litigation because the theft of personal information, such as credit card numbers, in and of itself was not considered a sufficient injury to confer “standing” on the customers to bring the lawsuit. This all changed on July 20, 2015 when the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in Remijas v. Neiman Marcus Group, LLC 1 , that resolving fraudulent charges and protecting oneself against future identify theft, even if the customer did not suffer a specific monetary loss, was sufficient injury to confer standing to bring a lawsuit. This case arose from a breach of Neiman Marcus’ credit card database in 2013, in which 350,000 credit cards were potentially exposed, and 9,200 of the 350,000 cards were used fraudulently. As…       Read More

When I was a kid, my mother would always tell me it doesn’t pay to sneak around because I would always get caught. Never has this advice rang so true as when I read about a website for married people seeking affairs that was hacked this week. (Karma?) Avid Life Media, which owns Toronto based site, announced it had experienced a cyber attack after hackers claimed to have stolen confidential customer information, and threatened to publish the information if the company was not shut down. The company, which claims to have over 37 million anonymous members worldwide (maybe I am naïve, but that sounds like a lot of unhappily married people), uses the slogan, “Life is short. Have an affair.” Do you think there are 37 million people worried right now that their nefarious behavior will become public knowledge? Ashley Madison issued a statement apologizing for this criminal intrusion….       Read More

The Georgia Workers’ Compensation Medical Fee Schedule serves to establish maximum fee amounts and uniform payment guidelines for reimbursement to medical providers for their treatment of injured employees. This is not likely to be a surprise, but did you know that compound medications are also covered by the Fee Schedule? Compound medications are created at specific compounding pharmacies when a pharmacist combines, mixes, or alters ingredients of a drug to create a medication tailored to the needs of an individual patient. Most often, compound medications are used in topical treatments and give the prescriber more control over the strength and dosage, or to remove a nonessential ingredient, such as gluten or dye, that a patient is allergic to. In order to be covered by the Fee Schedule, compound medications are to be billed by the compounding pharmacy. They shall be billed by listing each ingredient, the corresponding NDC, and the…       Read More

Florida Hospital faces two data breach lawsuits Orlando Sentinel Florida Hospital is facing two possible class action lawsuits regarding two separate data breaches of patient information over the past four years. US personnel agency chief Katherine Archuleta resigns over massive computer hacks ABC Online US Office of Personnel Management chief Katherine Archuleta has resigned, a day after the Obama administration said massive computer hacks at …… Up To 60000 Canadians Affected By Possible Walmart Credit Card Data Breach Huffington Post Canada Walmart Canada has taken down the website for its online photo processing service following a possible data breach that may have compromised … Army National Guard soldiers at risk of identity theft after data breach RT Army National Guard members should check their credit reports after a breach in the bureau’s security put the personal information of soldiers at risk. No-Harm-Big-Foul: The FTC’s latest overreach in data privacy The…       Read More

Possible Data Breach at Trump Luxury Hotels Sentinel Republic A statement from Trump Hotels about the breach has some comforting words for clients who might have been affected: “we are committed to … Healthcare Moves To The Cloud But Is The Cloud Ready For Healthcare? Forbes In less than one year, we’ve seen a staggering number of data breaches in healthcare. Almost 96 million records were stolen in just 3 highprofile … Privacy group files FTC complaint to push Google to extend right to be forgotten to US CIO Arguing that the right to be forgotten is an “important privacy option,” … footprints-are instantly available with a few clicks on a computer or taps on a … German gets 4 years in clink for $14 MILLION global ATM fraud The Register He and his gang conducted an “unlimited operation”, which began with them hacking into the computer systems of a…       Read More

Hack of US Data May Have Hit 18 Million Social Security Numbers Wall Street Journal WASHINGTON-Obama administration officials avoided immediately disclosing the severity of the government employee data hack by defining it as … Meritus Health alerts over one thousand patients after data breach WHAG HAGERSTOWN, Md. – After a routine audit in May, officials at Meritus Health discovered that private information for more than one thousand patients may have been compromised. Uber faces complaints about planned privacy-policy changes Columbus Dispatch A privacy-rights group wants the Federal Trade Commission to prohibit … Uber’s managing counsel of data privacy, wrote that the updated policy is …. Israeli experts say new generation of hackers pose growing threat Jewish Journal The attacks perpetrated by today’s generation of hackers have evolved in both sophistication and capability, say cyber security experts. Governments … Canada amends federal data protection law, PIPEDA Data Protection Report On June…       Read More