Many Sony executives are embarrassed, to say the least, by their e-mails, which have been made public as a result of their data breach. ( I have preached to businesses for a long time that they should make it clear to employees that they do not have an expectation of privacy if they use a work computer for personal business. This has always been my advice to protect the interests of the employers. In the wake of the Sony breach, as an employee, why in the world would you want to put your personal matters at risk by using your employer’s network to send personal e-mails or conduct personal business? While it is certainly possible that your personal computer will be hacked, there is a greater risk that your employer’s network will be breached. If this happens, personal e-mails you sent using your work e-mail account, and personal business you…       Read More

Keeping hackers out of hospitals Minneapolis Star Tribune Though it hasn’t happened yet, the hacking of wireless infusion pumps is … to harden medical devices against cyberattacks and computer viruses. PHI Security Compromised in Healthcare Data Breaches When healthcare organizations fail to adhere to HIPAA requirements, patients’ PHI security can become compromised. Whether employees … ‘Internet of things’ is soft target for hackers Minneapolis Star Tribune He said the state needs to proactively manage its devices like phones, projectors, computers and other networked technology because there could be … Sony Admits PlayStation Taken Down by Cyberattack Sony has appeared to admit for the first time that the disruption to its PlayStation network that ruined Christmas for untold children was the result of a … Health insurance company discloses data breach Washington Times PHILADELPHIA (AP) – A Philadelphia-based health insurance company has disclosed a data breach affecting more than…       Read More

The Top U.S. Healthcare Story For 2014: Cybersecurity Forbes As with every year, there was no shortage of big healthcare stories in 2014. Several publications made good lists.. Staples: Customer data exposed in security breach WWMT-TV FRAMINGHAM, Mass. (AP) – Staples Inc. says nearly 1.2 million customer payment cards may have been exposed during a security breach earlier this… Costs Of Healthcare Data Breaches Could Hit $5.6 Billion In 2015 Health IT Outcomes (press release) The financial strain of data breaches will continue to plague the healthcare industry next year. A report from Experian demonstrates the risk of Obama: North Korea’s hack not war, but ‘cybervandalism’ CNN The FBI on Friday pinned blame on North Korea for a hack into Sony’s computer systems. Obama said both foreign governments and hackers outside… Laptop with 2800 Northwestern Memorial patients’ data stolen Chicago Tribune …of services, physician’s names, medical record numbers, diagnosis, treatment…       Read More

The Invasion Of Wearables In The Workforce TechCrunch The use of this data presents the opportunity to largely disrupt existing … think wearables would make them more vulnerable to data security breaches. Sophia Genetics earns ISO 13485 and ISO 27001 certification for safe data handling and security ISO 27001 certification for Sophia’s Data Driven Medicine Platform is further recognition of our industry leading commitment to data security. There is … Dutch data protection watchdog threatens Google with fine over privacy policy Minneapolis Star Tribune The College for the Protection of Personal Data announced Monday it is giving the Internet giant until the end of February to comply with measures … Chilean Government to Introduce Bill To Establish Data Protection Authority BloombergBNA Dec. 11 – The Chilean government will soon introduce legislation to create an autonomous body to oversee data protection issues, Deputy Economy … Charge Anywhere Acknowledges Five-Year-Long Data…       Read More

Antivirus software powerless against Sony hackers USA TODAY Despite corporations spending millions of dollars on network security and the …. are being told not to open their laptops, out of fear of erasing data. Data Breaches to Continue to Plague Healthcare in 2015 Health Data Management The healthcare industry will continue to be a vulnerable and attractive target for cybercriminals in 2015, thanks to the expanding number of access … Report: Balancing Health Data Privacy With Convenience Key in 2015 iHealthBeat Consumers appear eager to be more involved in their health care and to use at-home monitoring devices, despite concerns about medical data … Top Tips for Keeping Patients’ Healthcare Data Protected Instinctively, we think of our financial data as the most likely target of a cyber attack, while healthcare data is increasingly becoming more valuable. TD Bank agrees to pay $625000 settlement following data breach involving more than…       Read More

Sony hires Mandiant after cyber attack, FBI starts probe Reuters Sony hires Mandiant after cyber attack, FBI starts probe … up a massive cyber attack that knocked out the studio’s computer network nearly a week ago … Thieves roll out scams for Cyber Monday The Hill Online retailers offer deep discounts on the Cyber Monday after Thanksgiving to … Duped Cyber Monday shoppers also put their companies at risk. UGA website hacked with pro-Georgia Tech sentiments Online Athens Regardless of the origin of the hacks, Jackson said, “computer trespass is a felony in Georgia.” Jackson stopped short of saying that UGA would … 9 ways to keep holiday hackers at bay That way, if you are at a local coffee shop or in a shopping mall, no one can spy on you using nearby (proximity) hacking attacks and they can’t track … Parking Garages in Chicago, Evanston Hit by…       Read More

By now, most of us have heard about the health tracking capabilities of HealthKit, part of Apple’s latest iPhone operating system, iOS 8. HealthKit offers the ability of users to track and share personal health and medical data such as diet, exercise and activity. The Apple Watch will have a heart rate sensor, GPS, and have the ability to track distance traveled and calories burned. Of course, tracking health and fitness related data is not new as other manufacturers have already marketed similar devices such as Fitbit, and the Nike + Fuelband. The wearable fitness market is expected to top $1.15 billion this year, an increase of 35% from last year. With all this health and fitness data floating around, you know the government regulators cannot be far behind. That is why the Federal Trade Commission is in talks with Apple to make sure that the health data collected from…       Read More