List of Large Health Data Breaches on HHS Website Reaches 800 FierceHealthIT HHS has listed more than 800 data breaches on its “wall of shame,” a … According to Healthcare Info Security, the website currently lists 804 … Preventing the Next Data BreachNew York Times The alarming discovery that hackers stole the credit card and personal information of tens of millions of Americans from Target’s computers is yet . Google Offers $3 million to Hackers Zolmax Google, which does not take Internet security lightly, has announced its willingness to pay computer hackers up to a total of $3 million to find and .. Coke: Stolen employee data includes Social Security numbers FierceHealthIT Personal information for about 74,000 Coca-Cola employees, former employees and third parties has been stolen from the company, the Herald has .. Bill in the works to strengthen security of students’ personal data KBOI-TV  In the wake of…       Read More

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will start accepting H-1B cap-subject filing for fiscal year 2015 (FY15) on Tuesday, April 1, 2014 with an H-1B start date of October 1, 2014. Once the cap is reached, the next H-1B cap will not open until April 1, 2015, with an H-1B start date of October 1, 2015. Last year, over 120,000 H-1B filings were received by USCIS during the first five business days of April, leading to an H-1B lottery. Most analysts anticipate that a lottery may once again be required, given the improvement in the economy, barring immigration reform. Specifically, the SKILLS Visa Act, passed by the House Judiciary Committee in June 2013, would increase the annual H-1B cap to 155,000. Recent talk of immigration reform has focused on allowing separate measures on immigration reform to be called to a vote, so optimism remains that the FY15 H-1B cap could…       Read More

Target’s latest disclosure on data breach could cost the company big Minneapolis Star Tribune  “It adds a lot more firepower [to lawsuits],” said Jack Tomarchio, an attorney who specializes in cybersecurity and data protection for the Buchanan … Neiman Marcus hit by cyberattack; customers’ cards may be …  Washington Times NEW YORK – Luxury merchant Neiman Marcus says thieves may have stolen customers’ credit card and debit card information and made … House passes ACA data security legislation  FierceHealthIT  This morning, the House of Representatives passed a bill to bolster security for, requiring the government to alert users of data … Top six data breach trends for 2014  SecurityInfoWatch    “What’s going to be the time for notification and is it going to be as short as five days as is what is being proposed to the data protection authority and to … Hospital privacy officer: Focus on training, awareness for…       Read More

The Claimant filed a WC-RICATEE requesting a catastrophic designation. What should I do next? First and foremost, an objection/response should be prepared and filed with the State Board. Under the current law, once a claimant has filed a request for a catastrophic designation, the Employer/Insurer has twenty (20) days to file a response, or else the claimant’s injury is presumed to be catastrophic. So again-make sure a response gets filed objecting to the request within the time prescribed by law! As for things to focus on in the response, I’ll use an example from a recent catastrophic request we handled for a shoulder/neck injury. In that claim, in addition to the RICATEE form, the claimant only submitted his recently-received award of social security disability benefits. There was no mention of the health conditions which warranted the SSDI award; it was merely the letter from the Social Security Administration indicating that…       Read More

Risk managers confront myriad cyber challenges   Business Insurance  In addition to the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s proposed voluntary cyber security framework, other cyber-related issues expected … Boston Restaurant Group Hit by Data Breach  Infosecurity Magazine   Customers at eight Boston-area dining establishments owned by the Briar Group may have had their credit and debit card data stolen. The mix of … Student privacy concerns grow over ‘data in a cloud’   Washington Post (blog)  Days after being warned of a security weakness in its popular app, Snapchat became the target of a widespread cyberattack that affected millions of … Data Breaches, Vulnerabilities Discovered at Various Health Entities   iHealthBeat  Massachusetts’ Adult & Pediatric Dermatology has agreed to pay $150,000 to settle allegations that it violated various privacy and security measures, … Travel insurer reveals almost 100000 customer details in cyber attack ComputerworldUK  Nearly 100,000 customers of Staysure…       Read More