In the fast paced world in which we live, we often struggle to meet our obligations while finding balance between work and home life.  It can be difficult to find the extra time to do the things that are not necessarily required of us, although they would be good practice.  Sometimes we get so involved in the details of life, that we miss the big picture.  Dental professionals are no exception.  In addition to caring for patients and keeping up their licensure requirements, they also are often times managing a business and employees. As an attorney representing dental professionals, one of the big issues I see raised by plaintiff attorneys is the type of products used by the practitioner, how knowledgeable the practitioner is of the product, whether it was a good choice for the patient in question and what the major risks or side effects of the product may…       Read More

Target Data Breach Reveals Deep Flaws in US System  NACS Online  LOS ANGELES – The recent data breach at Target stores underscores the vulnerabilities of the current U.S. credit card system, the Los Angeles Times … Target facing multiple suits, investigations after massive data breach  InsideCounsel  On Dec. 19, retail giant Target revealed that some 40 million debit and credit card accounts had been stolen from its secure servers between Nov. That App You Downloaded Is at Risk of Being Hacked IT Business Edge (blog)  Arxan Technologies’ second annual State of Security in the App Economy … logic that is protecting or enabling access to sensitive corporate data. BBC suffers Christmas Day cyber attack from Russian web fraudster  A cyber criminal broke into a BBC computer server then touted access to it for sale to his fellow hackers. Rev0lver or Hack – a known web fraudster … New York Battle Over…       Read More

Water group to keep study secret until final plan OK’d  Gainesville Times  Not wanting to get caught in the middle of legal wrangling between Georgia and Florida, a private tri-state water group has decided to clamp down on … Will water sharing plan be shared?  Gainesville Times  A private tri-state water group has worked several years to find a water-sharing solution in the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River basin that includes Lake … Lake Lanier in good shape heading into winter  Gainesville Times  Conditions have reversed for the North Georgia reservoir as full pool adjusted Sunday for winter — dropping to 1,070 feet above sea level from 1,071 feet — and … Compiled by: Scott Cole, Esq.

There are several instances when a Georgia workers’ compensation claimant may receive authorized medical treatment from an out-of-state provider in non-emergency scenarios.  For example, an authorized treating physician may make a referral to a specialist in another state, which is not uncommon in metro areas near the state line.  It is also possible an out-of-state provider may be on a panel, or it could be the case where a claimant has moved outside of Georgia for a legitimate reason.  In any event, the question arises whether the treating provider is entitled to reimbursement under the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Fee Schedule or the fee schedule of their home state. Under the “General Reimbursement Requirements” of the Georgia fee schedule, the applicable fee schedule will be determined by which state has jurisdiction over the workers’ compensation claim.  With that said, we note there is nothing in the Georgia fee schedule that prohibits…       Read More

As a dentist running your own practice you must be concerned about not only your own online personality, but also that of your staff.  Just to give you an idea: Twitter estimates 120,000 tweets and 1475 photographs every minute and Facebook estimates 510,000 comments, 293,000 updates, and 136,000 photographs every minute.  There are 800,000 registered Facebook users, 3,000,000 registered Twitter users, and 120,000,000 registered LinkedIn users. ( And this is just a fraction of all on-line activity. The rise of smart phones has made this activity ubiquitous and to the average person seemingly harmless.  To you and your practice this is millions of times a day to have a HIPAA violation or for someone to say something negative about you. First, you must educate yourself and your employees on HIPAA.  You (your practice,meaning you and your employees) cannot post private patient information of any kind.  In fact, there should be…       Read More

90000 Patients Compromised at UW Medicine  Infosecurity Magazine   The University of Washington Medical Center (UW Medicine) was breached in October, with data of up to 90,000 patients of the Harborview Medical Center and … Man admits cyberattack role, gets probation Columbus Dispatch  A Wisconsin man was sentenced yesterday to two years of probation after he admitted taking part in a cyber attack sponsored by the hacker group Anonymous … Arizona data breach impacts millions, costs millions more SC Magazine  A Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) data breach that affected millions of individuals has ended up costing the education system millions of … Dutch Regulator Finds Google in Breach of Privacy Law  Infosecurity Magazine  The Dutch Data Protection Authority has now found Google to be in breach of … “Google spins an invisible web of our personal data, without our consent. Data Breach at Florida Medical Group Exposes 4400 Patients … eSecurity…       Read More

Attorney Jo Jagor, along with Dr. Mitchell Gardiner, will be speaking at the annual Hinman Dental Meeting on March 27th and 28th, 2014 at the Georgia World Congress Center and Omni Hotel. The following are the times and topics they will be presenting:3/27/2014   2:00 PM – 4:00 PM- A Simulated Malpractice Court Case Presented Live3/28/2014   1:30 PM – 3:30 PM- A Simulated Malpractice Court Case Presented Live