For many years, O.C.G.A. § 34-9-240 has provided a tool for compelling injured employees to return to light duty work, but this mechanism was often ineffective.  Although it allowed an employer to unilaterally suspend income benefits if the injured employee refused the light duty job, the employee could simply show up for work and “attempt” the job for a few minutes before determining that he or she was unable to do the job.  The employer was then required to immediately reinstate benefits, file a hearing request of its own, and prove that the job offered was suitable to the injured employee’s physical condition.  The new amendment to O.C.G.A. § 34-9-240, which took effect in July, should significantly reduce these token attempts by employees and make the employer’s effort at offering a light duty job more worthwhile. Under the new statute, an employee who was properly offered a light duty job…       Read More

It would be the understatement of the year to say that we have officially reached the digital age.  Everywhere you look, you see people glued to their smartphones, tablets and laptop computers.  Patients, and dentists alike, are obsessed with Facebook, texting, tweeting and, of course, the occasional attempts at Candy Crush Saga (or other similarly addictive game).  However, not everyone has jumped on the technology bandwagon.  In several dental practices across the country, computers are virtually obsolete, and electronic dental records is a foreign concept.  For those of you who have not yet implemented electronic dental records in your dental practice, it is important to note that the federal government passed legislation that requires you to make the transition to electronic records before 2014, unless the implementation would result in a “significant hardship.”  However, the maximum exemption period is five years, and ultimately, you will still be required to implement…       Read More

The HIPAA Final Rule and Staying Compliant in the Cloud The Data Center Journal … compliance comes up quite often. Not all organizations are equipped or experienced to meet the HIPAA compliance rules by themselves. Owing to the nature of the data and the privacy rules of patients, it is important to secure the data correctly the … GOP: Delay ObamaCare exchange enrollment until data privacy tested The Hill (blog)  Republicans in the House and Senate have introduced legislation that would delay enrollment in ObamaCare’s health insurance exchanges until it is confirmed that strong data privacy provisions are in place. The Trust But Verify Act is the latest GOP … China denies latest hacking The U.S. newspaper report, published Friday, said computer hackers based in Shanghai targeted at least 20 defense contractors tied to U.S. drone technology. Japan and US set to ink agreement on jointly combating cyber attacks The Daily Japan…       Read More

Chinese Hacking Group Tied To Many Attacks Has Been Tracked Down Huffington Post BOSTON (Reuters) – Computer security experts have discovered a group of highly sophisticated computer hackers operating for hire, a U.S. computer security firm said on Tuesday, and it linked the group to some of the best-known cyber-espionage attacks … Apple taps new level of privacy protection  Columbus Dispatch Apple, by not pulling fingerprint information into its databases, is making it “extremely difficult” to steal information stored on the device, said Anil Jain, a computer scientist at Michigan State University who conducts biometrics research. A hacker … Belgium investigates suspected cyber spying by foreign state  Reuters “This fact, combined with the technical complexity of the hacking and the scale on which it occurred, points towards international state-sponsored cyber espionage.” The prosecutors declined to say which foreign state they suspected. Documents leaked by …. Google Street View ruling denotes…       Read More

Study: Patients Withhold Health Data Because of Privacy ConcernsiHealthBeat Nearly one in eight patients has withheld information from a health care provider because of privacy and security concerns, according to a new study published in the Journal of American Medical Informatics Association, Modern Healthcare”s “Vital Signs … Cyber attack on Israel planned for Wednesday to mark 9/11Globes The hackers declared that the cyber attack’s general objective was to wipe Israel off the Internet map, which means that the attack was unquestionably a failure. But from the hackers’ perspective, they were able to deal Israel a painful blow, and they … Majority of criminal health care data breaches target point-of-sale, not EHR ZDNet Verizon is back with another of their amazing Data Breach Investigation Reports. Each year, Verizon studies the scope of data breaches in a variety of industries and summarizes the results in one of their Data Breach Investigation Reports. In…       Read More

Cyberattack crippled Kentucky Department of Education’s Infinite Campus network  Lexington Herald Leader A cyberattack on the Kentucky Department of Education’s Infinite Campus information network has been keeping thousands of parents from accessing data online about their schoolchildren. Private student data was not compromised, department officials said. Hotel chain challenges the FTC’s power to sue over data breaches  InsideCounsel Privacy and data security experts are closely watching a case that for the first time challenges the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) authority to sue companies on behalf of consumers for cybersecurity breaches and lax or misleading data security policies. Cross-border data security risks and best practices  The Lawyer As we move data from data centre to data centre and/or across borders, security breaches become a tangible risk. There is also the potential to violate national and international data transfer regulations and privacy laws. These latter risks are … Leaked budget: NSA and…       Read More