9 Most Recent Healthcare Data Breacheswww.beckershospitalreview.com By: Anuja Vaidya  Here are nine data breaches that occurred within the last month, starting with the most recent. Report: Syria Cyber Attacked Haifa’s Water SystemYnetnewsBy: Ilana Curiel  A senior Israeli official revealed on Saturday that Syria has attempted two weeks ago to launch a cyber attack against Haifa’s water system, in retaliation to the alleged Israeli attack in Damascus a month ago. Yitzhak Ben-Yisrael, chairman of the … Auburn University Receives $1M for Cyber Security CenterOpelika Auburn News “Cyber concerns range from disabling the electrical grid to hacking into financial institutions to stealing intellectual property,” said retired Lt. Gen. Ron Burgess, former director of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency. Burgess now serves as senior … Schnucks Wants Federal Court to Handle Data Breach LawsuitComputerworld By Jaikumar Vijayan The St. Louis-based grocery chain Schnuck Markets has claimed that a potential class action lawsuit filed against it…       Read More

     Many times situations arise in cases that create a suspicion of symptom magnification or malingering.  When this issue is present, there are concerns that the claimant may be exaggerating pain behaviors for financial incentive or to avoid returning to work.  Some of the identified risk factors for malingering include ongoing litigation, significant discrepancy between subjective disability and objective findings, and lack of cooperation with the evaluation and with treatment.  Unfortunately, confirmation of malingering is difficult for physicians.          A number of tests are utilized to assist physicians with determining whether there is a legitimate physical cause for a patient’s pain behavior.  One test physicians use to assess a patient’s pain behavior when there are complaints of back pain was created by Dr. Gordon Waddell.  Dr. Waddell placed eight signs into five categories to identify patients that may require a more detailed assessment due to concerns…       Read More

Financial Times Suffers Cyber AttackFox BusinessBy: Jennifer Booton The attack comes amid growing risks online and among social media accounts as well as rising high-profile cyber attacks. Earlier this year, the Twitter accounts of Burger King (BKW) and Jeep were compromised and taken over by vulgar tweets. Other major … US Cyber Bill Proponents Hope Second Time’s a CharmReutersBy: Deborah Charles & Alina Selyukh Since then, President Barack Obama has signed an executive order that directs government officials to set voluntary standards to reduce cybersecurity risk and offer incentives to private companies to adopt them. A series of high-profile cyber attacks … How To Prepare For When The SEC Comes Asking About Cybersecurity RiskForbes “Investors deserve to know whether companies are effectively addressing their cyber security risks – just as investors should know whether companies are managing their financial and operational risks,” the letter said. “Formal guidance from the SEC…       Read More

After Bloomberg News disclosure, Fed and Treasury Assess Possibility of …  Washington Post By: Paul Farhi and Brady Dennis Officials at the Federal Reserve, Treasury Department and some of the nation’s largest financial firms are assessing whether their use of Bloomberg News’ ubiquitous financial data terminals has exposed them to a potential privacy breach. Bloomberg News … Fed Queries Bloomberg Over Reporters’ Access to Client Data Reuters Canada By: Lauren Tara LaCapra and Jennifer Saba While some said the concerns were overstated, the news triggered fears about privacy of sensitive data at Wall Street firms such as Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N: Quote) as well as at the Fed and some U.S. government departments that … Protect Your Privacy on Google  Fox News By: Kim Komando  Of course, Google uses that data mostly to target you with ads. If you spend 20 minutes doing research on a…       Read More

The 2013 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report is now available.  As in past years, the Report provides useful information regarding trends in data breaches, and tips for protecting your company.  The following are highlights from the Report: 1. SOURCE OF INFORMATION FOR THE REPORT Verizon receives information from 19 global organizations, including law enforcement agencies, national incident reporting entities, research institutions, and private security firms.  They analyzed over 47,000 security incidents from 27 countries. 2. WHAT TYPES OF COMPANIES ARE THE SUBJECT OF CYBER ATTACKS? In a word, “all.”  Approximately 75% of cyber attacks are opportunistic, which means they are not targeted at a specific individual or company.  If you have weak security, you are a target of opportunity, regardless of your size or industry. The vast majority of cyber attacks are financially motivated.  Most of these attacks originate in the U.S. or Eastern Europe, particularly Romania, Bulgaria, and the…       Read More

We all know that attracting new patients is extremely important for the survival of any dental practice. However, before deciding to invest in a new way to promote your practice, it is important to keep in mind that federal and state law may prohibit dentists from taking advantage of certain innovations in advertising and social media.          Take the case of the “daily deal” or “deal of the day” promotions. Daily deal websites like Groupon, Woot!, and Livingsocial.com partner with local businesses to market products and services at a substantial  discount in an effort to create an influx of new customers. Sounds like a great idea for a dental practice, right? Well, the problem is with how these daily deal websites make their money. In a typical arrangement, the website receives a percentage (often 50%) of the revenue from the service being purchased by the consumer. While…       Read More

Tag Team: Jihadis, Hackers Join Forces to Launch Cyberattacks on United StatesWashington Times  By: Shaun Waterman  “Middle East- and North-Africa-based criminal hackers will continue issuing public statements to announce cyber attack plans against high-profile targets,” the bulletin predicts. Homeland Security will monitor these statements for signs of an emerging … Proposed Dutch Bill Will Allow Cops to Legally Install Spyware on Private …Digital TrendsBy: Graeme McMillan The new proposals would give Dutch police the right not only to hack into computers and install spyware, but also read and destroy files on that computer. Cops would be allowed to hack into servers outside of the country, if they were believed to be … US Military Secrets Leaked to Chinese Hackers for Three YearsRT “God forbid we get into a conflict with China but if we did we could face a major embarrassment, where we try out all these sophisticated weapons systems…       Read More

     With almost 50% of the adult population of North America on Facebook, your Claimant more likely than not has a substantial Facebook trail. Not lagging far behind on the social media bandwagon are, to name a few: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest. And, with the penchant for these websites to revamp their privacy settings with every passing day, more than a few Claimants’ posts may be a little more “public” than the Claimant comprehends. This, of course, provides a fertile landscape for uncovering information that could help minimize, if not nullify, a claim. Accordingly, a few minutes surfing the social media environments can yield valuable returns.      Some claimants, unfortunately, fancy themselves as crafty and perchance might sift through their social history and delete “less than favorable” posts. All may not be lost, however, thanks to some powerful web archiving tools, including, The Wayback Machine (http://archive.org/index.php)….       Read More

Hacker Suspect ‘Worked from Bunker’Belfast Telegraph A Dutch citizen arrested in north-east Spain on suspicion of launching what is described as the biggest cyberattack in internet history operated from a bunker and had a van capable of hacking into networks anywhere in the country, officials have said. LivingSocial Hacked, 50M Accounts Affected PC MagazineBy: Angela Moscaritolo  LivingSocial on Friday began sending data breach notification emails to all affected customers noting that the company is working with law enforcement to investigate the attack. Though passwords were encrypted, and would be difficult for attackers to … US Response to Bank Cyberattacks Reflects Diplomatic Caution, Vexes Bank IndustryWashington PostBy: Ellen Nakashima The United States, concerned that Iran is behind a string of cyberattacks against U.S. banking sites, has considered delivering a formal warning through diplomatic channels but has not pursued the idea out of fears that doing so could escalate … Guilty Verdict in Nosal…       Read More