China’s Foreign Press Office Falls Victim to Hackers Washington Post By: Zhang JieChina is often the target of complaints from around the world about computer hacking. But on Thursday, the government’s foreign press office may have been the victim. When foreign journalists in Beijing glanced at a text sent by International Press … Verizon Releases Data Breach Investigations Report Business Standard By: Neha Pandex Deoras Verizon today released a report on Data Breach Investigations for 2012 and 2011. The data is aimed at helping organisations better understand the anatomy of a data breach and how to provide protection for the same. It also examines intellectual … Annual List of Worst Computer Passwords Released New data on the most common internet passwords is out, and it shows who is the most at risk for a security breach. The annual list, called “worst passwords of 2012,” was compiled from information posted…       Read More

On October 2, 2012, the Eleventh Circuit held that licensed practical nurses (LPNs) employed at a long-term health care facility were not supervisors under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). This rejection of the National Labor Relations Board’s prior ruling can help long-term healthcare employers fight efforts to unionize LPNs at their facilities. Lakeland Healthcare Associates, LLC operates a long-term care facility in Lakeland, Florida. The United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1625 represents the CNAs and the service employees at the facility. During the summer of 2010, the union filed a petition for representation of the LPNs. The employer contended that its LPNs were supervisors and supervisors are ineligible for union representation. If the LPNs are “employees,” they are guaranteed the right to unionize; if declared to be “supervisors,” they are not entitled to unionize under the NLRA. Section 2 of the Act, 29 U.S.C. section 152(11), defines…       Read More

Employers are required to give employees up to two hours unpaid time off to vote in Georgia. The employee must be registered and qualified to vote. The employer can insist that the time off be taken before or after regular work hours if the polls are open more than two hours before or after the work day. The employer can also specify that the time off not exceed two hours. The employer can specify when during the work day such time is taken. § 21-2-404.  Affording employees time off to vote: Each employee in this state shall, upon reasonable notice to his or her employer, be permitted by his or her employer to take any necessary time off from his or her employment to vote in any municipal, county, state, or federal political party primary or election for which such employee is qualified and registered to vote on the day…       Read More

Blount Memorial Hospital Data Breach Affects 27k Patients Becker’s Hospital Review By: Kathleen Roney Information for an additional 5,000 patients was on the laptop as well but with Social Security numbers and other non-medical data. The notification to patients is a precautionary measure since Blount Memorial administrators have no evidence that any … Hackers Attack US Weather Service The Australian THE US National Weather Service computer network was hacked with a group from Kosovo claiming credit and posting sensitive data, security experts said Friday. Data released by the Kosovo Hackers Security group includes directory structures, sensitive … Health Data Breach Response: Culture Change Needed InformationWeek By: Michelle McNickle Someone has to be accountable for every part of managing a data breach incident, according to Cris Ewell, chief information security officer at Seattle Children’s Hospital. “It’s bigger than privacy and security … it’s about involving everyone in the …  3 Apps…       Read More

“EEOC FOCUSES ON PREGNANCY DISCRIMINATION” The EEOC announced on September 4, 2012,  a draft StrategicEnforcement Plan targeting enforcement of pregnancy anti-discrimination laws. Charges of Discrimination raising pregnancy discrimination would receive increased investigatory attention and resources to ensure timely and quality enforcement action.Meritorious cases raising SEP or district priority issues should be given precedence in litigation recommendations and selection over non-priority issue cases.  This is an opportunity for employers to get ahead of the curve and audit their policies and decisions for compliance with the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, passed in 1978; the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993; and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, passed in 1964. Potential problems bearing additional management attention include: ·        Refusing requested accommodations routinely provided to similarly situated employees and placing the employee on unpaid leave; ·        Terminations from employment for performance issues close in time to a requested pregnancy leave or accommodation request;…       Read More

Many health care and dental organizations actually treat their employees. Often former patients also apply for work. The EEOC recently filed a lawsuit against Aurora Health Care, Inc. accusing the hospital system of rescinding two job offers because of information obtained from the applicants’ medical records when each had been a patient. The hospital offered the first applicant a job as Registered Nurse Care Coordinator, contingent upon a medical examination. During the medical examination, the applicant was asked about a prescription that she had failed to disclose but which appeared in her medical records from when she was a patient at one of the system’s facilities.  She explained that she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, been prescribed the medication to treat that condition, but was not currently taking the prescription or suffering MS symptoms. The healthcare system then rescinded the job offer. Aurora contended that the second candidate failed…       Read More

Reid Vows Fresh Effort to Pass Stalled Cybersecurity Bill The Hill By: Ben Geman said he will try and revive stalled cybersecurity legislation on the heels of Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s warning that the U.S. is at risk of a devastating cyber-attack. Panetta, in a speech Thursday, said the country could face a “cyber Pearl … US Defense Chief Warns of Digital 9/11 Wall Street Journal By: Rachel King The scale and speed of cyber attacks is escalating and companies face more risk than ever before. Armed with technology that can help attribute attacks, the United States now has the capacity to locate attackers and hold them responsible, said U.S … Russian Hackers Plan US Cyber Bank Heist Fox Business By: Matt Egan Security professionals have recently learned that a cartel of Russian hackers is planning to launch a separate attack aimed at stealing money from about 30 U.S. financial…       Read More

Last Friday the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced it is reopening the scoping period on the much anticipated Master Water Control Manual for the ACF Basin.  The ACF Basin includes Lake Lanier.   The Corps will accept additional scoping comments for 60 days.  Additional comment are being accepted in response to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeal’s decision in the “Tri-State Water Wars Litigation” that water supply is an authorized use of Lake Lanier and the Corps’ legal positions stated in the 2012 Stockdale Memorandum.

Opinion: Corporate America Is Ignoring the Cybercrime Alarm By: Craig A. Newman & Daniel L. Stein Aside from the obvious business and financial risks of an attack, the potential legal liability for companies, their corporate executive and board is staggering. With cyber attacks on the rise, prosecutors, regulators, and the plaintiffs’ bar are all … Hacker is Sentenced in NASA, Pentagon Break-Ins PCWorld By: Lucian Constantin Romanian national Manole Rzvan Cernianu, known online as TinKode, received a two-year suspended prison sentence for hacking into computer systems owned by Oracle, NASA, the U.S. Army and the U.S. Department of Defense and was ordered to pay … Anthem Blue Cross Settles With CA Over Data Breach HealthLeaders Media Anthem Blue Cross has reached a settlement with California Attorney General Kamala Harris over allegations the company failed to protect the personal information of its members. Between April 2011 and March 2012, Anthem…       Read More

Hackers Infiltrate Calgary-Based Technology Firm  By: Greg Weston A leading international expert on computer hacking says cyber-attacks are increasingly targeting the heart of Canada’s infrastructure, including oil pipelines and major public utilities. CBC News has confirmed a recent cyber-attack successfully … Canada Aware of Second Hacking Attack, This Time on Energy Firm Reuters Ottawa revealed the second case after being asked about a security report from computer manufacturer Dell Inc, which said it had tracked hackers who targeted a number of firms, including an unnamed energy company in Canada. Dell said on its website … Medical Devices Vulnerable to Hacking Need Oversight Businessweek By: Jordan Robertson “Even the human body is vulnerable to attack from computer hackers,” Representative Anna Eshoo, a Democrat from California, said in a statement on her website. “Implantable medical devices have resulted in tremendous medical benefits for the patients … POS System Hackers Are Caught…       Read More