The core group of attorneys at HBSS began practicing together in 1980 with the firm of Phillips, Hart & Mozley. In 1982, George Hart, Terry Sullivan, Elaine Whitehurst, Mike Frick, Phil Henry, Rush Smith, and Alex Booth formed the litigation boutique, Hart & Sullivan, P.C. The firm represented numerous clients including business and insurance companies in the state of Georgia, focusing on professional liability defense, general liability, property and casualty, and workers’ compensation. When George Hart left the firm to pursue a different practice, the firm became Sullivan, Hall, Booth & Smith, P.C. It was then, in 1989, that the firm’s reputation, client base, and litigation practice became known around the state as one of Georgia’s leading litigation firms. In 1996, the withdrawal of one of the firm’s partners lead to the addition of Jack Slover, an experienced trial lawyer, and fourth named partner for HBSS. Recognizing the opportunity to…       Read More