Trademarks Simply put, a trademark is a word, phrase, sound, symbol or device that is commonly used to identify the source, as well as separate, an individual or company’s goods or services from the competitors. For instance the diagonal ellipse and antenna-like extensions logo of the cookie company Nabisco’s (Kraft)  is designed differently from the “bottom-half” tree and distinctive writing logo as that of it’s competitor Keebler (Kellogg). Intellectually Speaking: Trademarks benefit consumers on the basis that it allows for them to literally “pick and choose” without all of the chaos that could potentially be involved with manufacturers who have similar products to one another.  Trademarks benefit companies by allowing customers to distinguish your goods and services from the competitors.  Your trademark is a symbol of your company’s quality.  Although you do not have to register your trademark with the federal government, registering affords you protection for national use and…       Read More