The Georgia General Assembly will begin its new session the second week of this month. But even before the session starts, anyone with an interest in proposed legislation should take note of a crucial procedural change that could impact new proposed legislation.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “A bipartisan panel of Senate leaders signaled Thursday that they would move crossover day – the final day for a bill to move from one chamber to the other – up from the 30th day of the legislative session to as early as the 25th day.

And the Senate seems poised to weaken a rule that requires conference committee reports – House-Senate legislative compromises – to be printed and delivered to senators at least two hours before they vote on them.” HBS is now hearing a compromise is in the works that would move crossover day to the 27th official day of the legislative session.

Regardless, any move to inch up crossover day means that a new piece of legislation must move swiftly through the House or Senate in order to be considered by the other chamber for a real chance to become law this year.

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