Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq. US Charges Three Chinese with Hacking Siemens, Trimble, Moody’s Reuters A U.S. jury has indicted three people affiliated with a Chinese cyber security firm on computer fraud charges, saying they hacked into the … Imgur Confirms 1.7 Million Users Hit by Data Breach BBC News Image-sharing website Imgur has confirmed that the emails and passwords of 1.7 million users were compromised in 2014. The data breach has only recently come to light after being discovered by security researcher Troy Hunt. Mr Hunt said he was impressed with the company’s swift response. HP Stealthily Installs New Spyware Called HP Touchpoint Analytics Client Computerworld Hard to imagine in this age of privacy scandals, but HP is installing a telemetry client on its customers’ computers – and it isn’t offering any warning, or asking permission, before delivering the payload. Dubbed “HP Touchpoint Analytics Service,” HP says it “harvests telemetry…       Read More

Written by: Bradley R. Coppedge, Esq. A prenuptial agreement, also known as an antenuptial agreement, is a written agreement or contract between parties prior to entering into a marriage. The underlying purpose is to define the rights that each spouse has in the income, property or assets of the other at various times, particularly: during the term of the marriage, in the event of the dissolution of the marriage, or upon the death of either party. If an agreement is entered into after marriage, it is termed a post-nuptial agreement. It is not just a domestic planning tool, not just an estate planning tool, and not just an asset protection tool. It is in fact all three. Pre- or Post- nuptial agreements generally limit the rights of one spouse in property and income of the other. The reason this is important is this: generally, income earned and property acquired during a…       Read More

Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq. Uber Paid Off Hackers To Hide Massive Data Breach MIT Technology Review Bloomberg has revealed that the company concealed for more than a year a massive data breach that exposed sensitive records of millions of drivers … Google Collects Data on Android Users’ Locations When Location Services Are Turned Off, Report Says Fox News “This apparent disregard for users’ data privacy needs to end,” Mike Kail, CTO and Cofounder, of security company CYBRIC told Fox News via email. Ex-Facebook Privacy Manager Says Company Cares More About Data Collection Than Protecting Users CNBC A former operations manager responsible for Facebook’s privacy efforts said the company “prioritized data collection from its users over protecting them from abuse.” In a sharply-critical New York Times opinion piece that published Monday, Sandy Parakilas said Facebook “has no incentive to police the … Iranian Man Charged With Hacking HBO and Stealing ‘Game…       Read More

Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq. Google Study Finds Phishing Is Top Online Threat Top Tech News Google said it has used those findings to secure the accounts of victims whose data was being marketed online, and to strengthen security measures … Hackers Claim to Defeat iPhone X ‘Face ID’ “It just goes to show that biometrics are still not the panacea that some hope they will one day become,” says Alan Woodward, a professor of computer … Missouri is Taking Page from Europe and Investigating Google CNBC  The investigation focuses on Google’s use of data and whether the search giant is stifling … The Missouri attorney general’s office is investigating whether Google has run afoul of consumer protection or antitrust laws in the state. Max Shrems Tries Again in Data Privacy Battle with Facebook Irish Times As well as Facebook, Mr Schrems has been locked in combat with Ireland’s Data…       Read More

HBS sponsored the World Affairs Council program, “The Intersection of Finance and Policy.” Jeffrey C. Sprecher, Chairman and CEO, Intercontinental Exchange and Chairman, New York Stock Exchange was the speaker. Dennis Lockhart, Former President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, served as moderator. HBS attorneys Carsten Alting, James Standard and John Parkerson attended the event with HBS international clients and the Consul General of Belgium.

Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq. Critics Are Wrong to Slam iPhone X’s New Face Tech Computerworld Biometrics in general and face recognition in particular are touchy subjects among privacy campaigners. Unlike a password, you can’t change your … Analysis: Rogue Twitter Employee Who Deleted Trump’s Account Could Face Hacking Charges The Morning Sun The CFAA – short for the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act – is the federal government’s premiere anti-hacking law. It’s been used, controversially, to go … Australia Likely to Get its Own GDPR ZDNet The European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will require organisations around the world that hold data belonging to … Equifax Says Execs Who Sold Shares Were Not Aware of Data Breach Reuters (Reuters) – Equifax Inc said on Friday that none of the four executives who sold their shares before details of a data breach were disclosed publicly … AP Finds Hackers…       Read More

Hall Booth Smith, P.C. hosted a half-day program at its offices on November 1 for a Chinese delegation from the Shanghai Administration Institute and UGA’s International Center of the Carl Vinson Institute.  HBS attorneys John Hall, John Parkerson, Carsten Alting, James Standard, and Ashik Jahan delivered remarks.  Among numerous subjects covered by HBS’ international practitioners were US-Chinese relationships from the local business perspective, global governance, the role of foreign trade offices and consulates, international transactions and business forms, immigration considerations for businesses, and assisting international clients with taxation and international investments.

Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq. USB Stick Found in West London Contained Heathrow Security Data The Register Detailed security arrangements for London Heathrow airport, including the Queen’s precise route every time she passes through, were found on a … ‘Dark Overlord’ Hacking Group Has Threatened to Spill the Beans on Hollywood The INQUIRER ‘Dark Overlord’ hacking group has threatened to spill the beans on … It’s been stated that we’re pioneering a new frontier of cyber-based business… UI Computer Security Increased After Keyloggers Used to Change Grades KCRG IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) — The University of Iowa says it now has a safer intranet. That’s after the F.B.I. says a former wrestler was able to hack in … Here’s Another Cyber Scam that Could Cost You Thousands Miami Herald The scam generally works like this: Hackers find an opening into a title company’s or realty agent’s email account, track upcoming home…       Read More