Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq. Chipotle Says Hackers Hit Most Restaurants in Data Breach Reuters Hackers used malware to steal customer payment data from most of Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc’s (CMG.N) restaurants over a span of three weeks, the … New Security Guidelines Released for Hospitals Suffolk News-Herald According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, there have been 676 data breaches in the United States this year as of May 23, with more than 10 … Molina Healthcare, a Top Obamacare Insurer, Investigates Breach of Patients’ Data The company said Friday that it closed the online portal for medical claims and other customer information while it examined a “security vulnerability. Over 8,600 Security Flaws Found in Pacemaker Systems Bleeping Computer Security researchers from WhiteScope have uncovered over 8,600 vulnerabilities … Last but not least, pacemaker systems stored data on unencrypted … Augusta University Announces Limited  Data Breach The Augusta…       Read More

Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq. Symantec Says it’s ‘Highly Likely’ a North Korean Hacking Group Was Behind the WannaCry … Business Insider UK RCyber security firm Symantec said on Monday it was “highly likely” a hacking group affiliated with North Korea was responsible for the WannaCry … 17 Million User Accounts Stolen From Popular App! Komando Zomato just announced that it is the victim of a massive data breach. A hacker was able to access its customer database and steal over 17 million … FTC Pushed from Hill on Hacking of Smart Toys, Kids’ Privacy CyberScoop FTC pushed from Hill on hacking of smart toys, kids’ privacy … not keeping pace with developments in data security and cybersecurity best practices? Ukrainian Hacker Who Stole Data for Insider Trading Ring Sentenced CyberScoop Authorities say it’s the largest cyber-enabled securities fraud ever … wire fraud, conspiracy to commit computer hacking and aggravated…       Read More

Written by: Eric Hoffman, Esq. In September 2014, Lanier Career Academy (Gainesville, Ga.) student Devon Major was arrested and charged with threatening to commit a crime of violence after school officials were alerted to a Facebook post by Major. In the post Major wrote: Bruh, LCA [Lanier Career Academy] ain’t a school. Stop coming here. All y’all ain’t going to graduate early. Why? Because there are too many of y’all f**kers to even get on a computer. I swear, and there’s so much drama here now, Lord, please save me before o [sic] get the chopper out and make Columbine look childish. [Note: “chopper” is a slang term for an assault rifle] The student admitted to making the statement, and he was subsequently charged with violating O.C.G.A. 16-11-37(a), Georgia’s then existing terroristic threats statute for threatening to commit a crime of violence against another “in reckless disregard of causing such…       Read More

Written by: Brian Mallow, Esq. On Monday, an Alabama Circuit Court Judge issued an order, finding two provisions of the Alabama Workers’ Compensation Act unconstitutional. Judge Pat Ballard held that the state’s $220 per week cap on permanent partial disability benefits (enacted thirty years ago) fails to provide an adequate remedy to injured workers in violation of the State Constitution and fails to provide equal protection to different classes of employees under the U.S. Constitution. He also ruled that the Act’s 15% cap on contingency fees fails to afford due process of law and violates the separation of powers between the legislative and judicial branches. While only these two provisions were held unconstitutional, the Act contains a non-severability provision, so Judge Ballard’s ruling effectively nullifies the entire Alabama Workers’ Compensation Act. Recognizing the magnitude of his ruling and the effect that it will have on employees, employers, insurers, and medical…       Read More

Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq. Worst of Global Cyberattack May Be Yet to Come, Law Enforcement Official Says ABC News The malicious cyberattack used leaked tools of the National Security Agency to exploit a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows. Tens of thousands of … Researcher, 22, Unintentionally Discovered “Kill Switch” That Halted Worldwide Cyberattack, Officials … CBS News LONDON — The cyberattack that spread malicious software around the world, shutting down networks at hospitals, banks and government agencies, … The 22-Year-Old Brit Computer Genius Who Saved the NHS is a Surfer Who Works From Tiny Bedroom … The Sun The Computer wizard who saved the NHS from the ransomware virus … for DEFCON, the world’s largest annual convention for internet hackers. Chinese Phone App Leaks Two Billion Private Numbers, High Officials’ Among Them Sputnik International Hong Kong’s privacy commissioner for personal data, Stephen Wong Kai-yi, was on the list of those…       Read More

Written by: Michael Memberg, Esq. One of the most experienced and well-respected members of the workers’ compensation community, Dr. J. Carl Sutton, recently passed away. Dr. Sutton and his orthopedic practice, Sutton Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, served as a panel provider for countless employers on the Southside of Atlanta and across Georgia. He will certainly be missed by employers and employees alike. For now, we recommend that employers reach out to any claimants who were under his care to minimize any interruption in treatment. We also recommend that employers with Dr. Sutton or his practice on their panel take an opportunity to reach out to his practice to discuss maintaining that relationship so panels can be updated in accordance with the law.

By: Bradley R. Coppedge Estate Planning, when done properly, can be much more than just a Will and a power of attorney. It can include trust planning, asset protection planning, and Medicaid planning. In fact, accomplishing traditional estate planning goals while also planning for Medicaid eligibility is becoming more of a concern as our baby boomers age and longevity continues to increase. A. Generally. Most people begin planning for Medicaid too late. A common client scenario I see on a monthly or more frequent basis is as follows: “Mother has suddenly taken ill or has fallen and is going to need help we can’t provide. We will be moving her to a nursing home in a couple of weeks/months, but she wants to go ahead and transfer her CDs and house to us kids.” The family is thinking that if mom makes these transfers it will avoid having to use…       Read More

Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq. Macron Hackers Linked to Russian-Affiliated Group Behind US Attack The Guardian Macron hackers linked to Russian-affiliated group behind US attack … to send tainted emails to hack into the campaign’s computers, Kremez said. Intel Chip Flaw Allows Hackers to Hijack Thousands of PCs Thousands of PCs could be vulnerable to an Intel security flaw that allows hackers to remotely hijack computers. The bug, which exists in Intel … Guardian Soulmates Dating Website Suffers Data Breach The Guardian Users of the dating website Guardian Soulmates have received explicit emails following a data breach. The email addresses and Soulmates … Medical Device Security Focus in Recent NCCoE Collaboration “Based on our risk assessment findings, we apply security controls to the … The two organizations also wanted to increase organizations’ cyber risk … Microsoft Uncovers Hacking Operation Aimed at Software Supply Chain CyberScoop Microsoft researchers recently…       Read More

Written by: Eric A. Hoffman, Esq. On May 4, 2017, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed the current campus carry bill into law after previously vetoing a similar bill in 2016. The law will allow people with valid gun permits to carry concealed weapons on Georgia’s public colleges in certain areas. Governor Deal vetoed a similar bill in 2016 after Georgia lawmakers refused Deal’s request to limit the right to carry in “sensitive areas” of campuses. However, in 2017, advocates conceded to Deal’s requests leading the way to its passage. House Bill 280 prohibits guns from on-campus child care centers, faculty and administrative offices, and disciplinary hearings. The law also prohibits guns from: any building or property used for sporting events; any student housing; and certain specialized classroom space. In signing the bill into law, Deal stated, “At the present time, assailants can, and do, target these students knowing full well…       Read More

Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq. Hacker Stole More than $100 Million from Google and Facebook New York Post Rimasauskas impersonated Quanta Computer, Fortune’s investigation revealed. Over two years, Rimasauskas convinced the accounting departments … GameStop Currently Investigating Possible Data Breach JD Supra GameStop is the most recent potential victim of cyber data breach, and the company recently hired a leading security firm to conduct an investigation … Italian Botnet Operator Who Made Over $325,000 Extradited to the US Bleeping Computer Authorities say the botnet operator, named Fabio Gasperini, created his botnet by hacking into servers across the world, where he left a backdoor. Millions of Android Phones are Wide Open to Hackers Mashable This is a known and understood problem with computers, but hasn’t before been systematically studied in smartphones. The University of Michigan … Microsoft Took 6 Months to Patch Flaw, but Hackers Took Just Days to Monetize It…       Read More