The sale or purchase of any business is a long, complicated process. This is especially so when it comes to a dental practice. Imagine, a group of busy dentists attempting to effectively compile, review, and complete stacks of documents while completing their normal, heavy workloads. Obtaining counsel early will minimize interference with your practice workload and provide a vital service to you throughout this difficult process. When attempting to sale or purchase a dental practice it is essential to obtain counsel prior to the completion of the Letter of Intent, otherwise obstacles and backtracking are destined to occur. The Letter of Intent lays out the agreed upon purchase price, the mechanism for modifying the purchase price, the necessary confidentiality provisions to protect both employee and patient data, and the rights of all parties involved. A mistake during this process could cause one or both sides nightmares going forward. Hiring counsel…       Read More

The  Kinder Morgan Palmetto Gasoline Pipeline was recently blocked by the Georgia DOT Commissioner.  Kinder Morgan is appealing the agency decision to Superior Court.  The DOT decision will only be overruled if it was found to be arbitrary and capricious. See article here for more details.  By: Brad Carver, Esq.

As you may know the Georgia Legislature meets during the first quarter of each year. Every couple of years they will make revisions to our laws in an effort to keep up with the times and to react to issues we all face in the actual practice of abiding by and implementing Georgia’s workers compensation statutes and Rules. This year they have made changes to the following areas which all practioners must be aware of. These areas include the maximum amounts payable for Temporary Total Disability, Temporary Partial Disability and Death Benefits. Additionally they have legislated significant changes to the Subsequent Injury Trust Fund and the Exclusive Remedy Provision of our laws. These changes will become effective on July 1, 2015. EXCLUSIVE REMEDY PROVISION The Legislature has added language to bolster O.C.G.A. § 34-9-11. The change clarifies that the exclusive remedy will prohibit all civil liabilities unless specifically agreed to…       Read More

In recent posts I have discussed the need for security to keep hackers from injecting malware into medical devices. Now, TrapX Laboratories has issued a paper on an attack vector called MEDJACK, or “Medical Device Hi-Jack” ( TrapX explains that medical devices are “key pivot points” on a healthcare network. They are the weakest link in the chain, as they are often the easiest and most vulnerable points of entry into a medical provider’s network. Once in the network, the hacker can hi-jack and remove data from the healthcare institution. A large part of the problem is that medical devices are FDA approved. The medical provider that purchases, and uses the medical device, cannot install their own cyber defense mechanisms on the devices. Tampering with the device, in addition to possibly running afoul of FDA regulations, might affect its operation, resulting in liability for the healthcare provider if a patient…       Read More

On June 2nd John E. Parkerson, Jr., Immediate Past President of the World Trade Center Atlanta and international business attorney at HBS,  accepted for the WTC Atlanta a generous grant from former Mayor of Atlanta and President of the Buckhead Coalition Sam Massell.  Parkerson was President of the WTC Atlanta during its December 2013 move to Buckhead, where it is located in partnership with the City Club of Buckhead.  The Buckhead Coalition funds the grants from sales proceeds of the annual Buckhead Guidebook, which is available at Barnes & Noble and other area bookstores.  The Coalition is a nonprofit civic group of 100 business leaders in this northern quadrant of the City of Atlanta, with a mission to “Nurture the quality of life of those who live, visit, work, and play” in its twenty-eight square miles.   Chastain Park Conservancy, Garden Hills Pool and Park Ass’n., Museum of Contemporary Art of…       Read More

China might be building vast database of federal worker info, experts say CNN Washington (CNN) The massive hack that may have stolen the personal information of four million federal employees appears designed to build a … FTC Chair: Health data connectivity carries risks MedCity News Health data – including the privacy and security ramifications of it – is very much on the mind of Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Edith … NSA targeting of foreign hackers does not infringe on anyone’s privacy Washington Post If the U.S. hacker had gone into a “protected computer,” that was a violation of U.S. law and the analyst was to provide the facts to the General Counsel … New role focused on protecting Georgia students’ data part of sweeping privacy law Daily Journal Data is collected because it’s required, and because programs can … and use of student data have called Georgia’s new student privacy…       Read More

Judge makes example of Silk Road founder with life sentenceAustin American-Statesman … “Deep Web,” was basically black market eBay with individuals posting illegal products such as fake IDs, drugs and computer-hacking programs. Health system’s data breach insurance claims get challenged Healthcare IT News The health system’s data breach, as Columbia officials allege, was caused by Cottage’s “failure to regularly check and maintain security patches on its … US Healthworks Suffers Data Breach Via Unencrypted Laptop Forbes Data breaches happen in all manner of ways. Systems are compromised with SQL injection attacks. Spreadsheets are inadvertently leaked to external … A US cyberattack on North Korea failed because North Korea has basically no Internet Washington Post “North Korean Internet” is practically an oxymoron. Access to the global Internet in the secretive nation is heavily restricted and available to only select … Heartland Payment Systems Suffers Data Breach Forbes Heartland Payment Systems suffered…       Read More