A recent decision from the Georgia Court of Appeals, ABF Freight Systems v. Presley, 330 Ga. App. 885 (2015), illustrates how difficult it can sometimes be to distinguish between fictional new accidents, changes in condition, and super-added injuries. These types of cases are usually complicated, and it is often a close call as to which category a particular claim falls into. Presley injured his right knee at work in June 2009. He had surgery, was out of work for three months, and received income benefits during that time. He then returned to his normal job, and in December 2009, sustained a work-related injury to his left knee. He had surgery on the left knee, was out of work again for three months, and again received weekly income benefits. While treating for the left knee injury, his right knee continued to get worse, and he was told that he would eventually…       Read More

The next pill you swallow might have a computer chip in it Sydney Morning Herald Proteus says it complies with “applicable privacy regulations in the United States and European Union to protect the system components”, but it might …. Farmers hacker sentenced to 3 years in prison PropertyCasualty360 A man who hacked into the computer of a Farmers Insurance agent and stole reports, e-mails and passwords was sentenced to three years in federal … Nude-photo theft shows privacy risk Columbus Dispatch If she hadn’t had nude photos of herself on that computer, she might not have been threatened with seeing those photos splashed across the Internet. Another health worked fired for snooping at patients’ files Times Colonist The health authority has notified and apologized to the people affected by the alleged breach of privacy. Accessed data ranged from basic contact and … HIPAA Data Breaches on the Rise MedPage Today…       Read More

Hall Booth Smith’s Atlanta office served as the Consulate of Hungary for two-and-one-half days last week, as consular officials from the Embassy of Hungary in Washington processed citizenships and passports for area Hungarians.  A special highlight was Petronella Molnar of the Embassy of Hungary administering the oath of Hungarian citizenship to a group of new citizens in one of HBS’s conference rooms.  John Parkerson, international business attorney at Hall Booth Smith, is the Honorary Consul General and Foreign Economic Counselor of Hungary for the states of Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama.

As many of you know, ransomware is a malware that infects Windows systems and encrypts files to make them inaccessible and unusable. At the time of the infection, the hacker demands payment in exchange for the decryption key. Even if the ransom is paid, the decryption key is not always received. In a nice development, security software company Kaspersky has worked with the Dutch police’s National High Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) to offer a free tool that decrypts files locked by ransomware known as CoinVault. The NHTCH discovered a Coin Vault server that contained a database of decryption keys. Kaspersky then worked with NHTCH to develop the tool that can unlock encrypted files and restore them for use. Unfortunately, the tool does not work in all cases as NHTCH did not find all of the CoinVault decryption keys. The ransomware decryptor, as well as a “How To” guide, can be…       Read More

Why Do I Need A Restricted Duty Job Program? Best Practices 1. Return injured employees to meaningful employment. 2. Utilize employees’ work skills during their period of partial disability. 3. Maintain a good employee attitude by providing meaningful employment. 4. Maintain communication with employees. Benefits 1. Helps the injured employee maintain income levels. 2. Eliminates employees’ fears concerning future employment. 3. Controls workers’ compensation costs. 4. Reduces need for attorneys in the workers’ compensation case. 5. Reduces employees’ complacency caused by sitting at home. 6. Providing meaningful transitional-duty employment should help reduce workers’ compensation fraud. 7. Employees return to work sooner. How Do I Develop A Transitional-Duty Job? Best Practices 1. Identify jobs with physical demands consistent with restrictions placed on the injured employee by the physician. 2. Evaluate the essential functions of all jobs so you can identify portions of a job which would be within the physical restrictions…       Read More

Hackers hit Israeli websites after Anonymous threats USA Today The hacking campaign, which has taken place every April 7 since 2013, … Israel’s Computer Emergency Response Team, a civilian cyber security … Indictment in patient records breach Toledo Blade … identifiable health information and unauthorized access of a protected computer for breaching the patient-privacy regulations covered by the Health … Tewksbury Police Pay Ransom After Cyber Hack CBS Local Even computer specialists from the FBI couldn’t break the cyber hold the hackers had, so Tewksbury police paid a $500 ransom using Bitcoin. Cyberattack hit FAA earlier this year The Hill The cyberattack was evident from an April 2 interim contract solicitation for the FAA’s Cybersecurity Management Center Security Operations Center. Judge tosses data-breach suit against Blue Cross, report says  NJ.com A judge has dismissed a class action lawsuit against Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey brought by four plaintiffs…       Read More

These days most dentists advertise their practices and services via the internet or some form of print advertising.  Some larger practices even advertise via billboards or commercials.  While this type of advertising can provide increased exposure for your practice, it is important to remember that in Georgia there are advertising regulations that apply specifically to dentists.  Although the Georgia Board of Dentistry may not actively monitor all dental advertisements, the more visible your practice, the more likely your advertising will be scrutinized.  Violation of these advertising regulations can result in action by the Board, or even delay obtaining a conscious sedation or other type of permit.   There are specific regulations regarding the advertisement of fees, specialties, practice locations, and the use of certain trade names.  For example, if you advertise routine treatment or a routine dental service for a specific fee, you must continue to make that treatment or…       Read More