Practice Areas: Construction


Each construction project is fraught with risk exposure arising from complicated rules and regulations, insurance coverage, compliance and liability for failures, damage and injury.  Our attorneys at Hall Booth Smith are experienced with the issues from project design to punch out and performance.  We represent individuals, corporations, insurance carriers and government entities involved in construction disputes.

About Our Practice

HBS provides solutions for construction problems wherever they arise and whenever they occur.  The Construction Practice Group of Hall Booth Smith is comprised of attorneys who are not only experienced with construction issues and litigated or arbitrated claims but who are also skilled at solving the problem.  From project design to punch out to the courtroom, regulations, insurance, compliance, performance, and disputes are a common part of the landscape in the construction industry. HBS attorneys have the experience in the aggressive defense and assertion of liability claims, government projects, insurance coverage, and employment issues.

HBS represents insurers, governmental entities, owners, construction managers, contractors, subcontractors, engineers and architects, at all stages of construction.  Whether it is litigation in state and federal courts or panel arbitrations, contract compliance, delay or extra work, our broad experience in the field gives us the ability to anticipate, advise and assist navigating what can be complex rules and regulations, doctrines and principles relevant to the construction project.

The voice of our law firm is heard through the individual experience of our attorneys in construction matters:

  • Two Special Assistant Attorney's General representing the State of Georgia in construction litigation
  • Members of Construction Law Committee of the USLaw Network
  • A son of President of the American Institute of Building Designers
  • A former chairman, Board of Directors for the Atlanta Business League
  • Super Lawyers Magazine "Rising Star" 2010
  • Many attorneys are actively involved with Habitats for Humanity.


Ways We Serve You

Our attorneys have handled the entire gamut of claims that can be brought in the construction arena.  Our understanding of the complexities of construction law is evident in our handling of cases representing individuals as well as corporations and government entities.  We represent clients in almost every facet of construction litigation including:

  • Liability
    • Property damage
    • Personal injury
  • Architectural and engineering malpractice
  • Corporate
  • Environmental
    • Moisture intrusion
    • Chemical exposure
    • Sedimentation
  • Employment
  • Injuries
  • Government projects
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Construction design and defect
    • Permits
    • Code enforcement
    • Delay
    • Extra work
    • Change orders
  • Contract compliance
  • Insurance coverage
  • Regulatory control
    • Grading
    • Hydrology and water flow
    • Erosion
  • Synthetic stucco
  • System design and installation


With professional integrity and skill, HBS lawyers have successfully resolved many cases for our clients through mediation, motion practice, administrative bodies,  bench and jury trials. 

  • Successfully defended owners, architects, engineers, and contractors in construction litigation matters involving claims of personal injury on the job site and property damage throughout alleged design and construction defects
  • Successfully represented contractors and subcontractors in a variety of cases involving building structure defects, moisture intrusion, and sedimentation and erosion.
  • Successfully represented both contractors and subcontractors in a variety of cases involving building structure defect, EIFS-related matters, moisture intrusion, chemical exposure, and sedimentation and erosion.


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