HBS Blogs

Going Global with HBS

The Going Global with HBS blog informs readers of rapidly evolving legal developments that affect cross-border business. It is intended to offer a quick, practical introduction to issues that actually arise during the HBS practice. Topics may be related to foreign company issues in starting business operations in our region; US clients who may be considering an international partnership, business expansion, or product export or import; or legal issues that may arise during contract formation. The scope is diverse, which reflects HBS’ international business law practice: commercial agreements (e.g, joint ventures, agency, distribution, licensing, non-disclosures), dispute or claims resolution in international contexts (e.g., arbitration developments, international aviation liability), corporate “structure” matters associated with market entry (e.g., form of business enterprise, corporate registrations), regulatory issues (e.g., data protection, foreign corrupt practices, export controls), international due diligence, and numerous other areas in which our lawyers have practical experiences that are relevant, timely and worth sharing.

Business Transactions and Taxation

The Business Transactions and Taxation blog provides insight, analysis and updates on laws impacting business transactions and the taxation of businesses. The recent 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act represents the most significant overhaul of the Internal Revenue Code in over 30 years, and its ramifications are far-reaching. This blog will help readers navigate the complex and ever-changing tax law and assist them in sound tax and business planning.

HBS Correctional Healthcare Blog

The Correctional Healthcare blog provides updates and analysis on issues associated with the correctional healthcare industry and recent legal proceedings involving correctional healthcare providers. HBS attorneys have successfully litigated numerous cases involving lawsuits brought by inmates and represented correctional health care companies on issues related to professional malpractice, regulatory compliance, contractual negotiations, and risk management. Our experience brings superior knowledge and skill to all correctional health care companies and practitioners.

HBS Data Privacy and Security

The Data Privacy and Security blog is designed to keep readers informed about legal developments, trends and business strategies regarding data protection, retention, privacy, reporting obligations and risk management. The HBS Data Privacy and Security team helps clients identify data protection concerns, assure that their businesses are in compliance with applicable data privacy laws, and assist them in developing proactive plans that assure future compliance and reduce the risk of data security breaches.

Education Update

The HBS Education Update provides updates and analysis on issues affecting educational institutions and environments including recent legal proceedings, compliance issues, risk management, policy developments, and other relevant topics. HBS attorneys have experience in representing both public and private educational institutions in active litigation, as general counsel, investigation counsel, and providing guidance on federal and state compliance and policy development. We have successfully litigated cases involving student issues such as discipline, school violence, special education, testing/promotion, student records, and student injuries. In addition, HBS attorneys are equipped to handle employment issues involving claims of discrimination, wrongful termination, employee discipline, teacher evaluation, harassment, Title IX and Title VII.

HBS Employment Updates

The Employment Law blog keeps readers up to date of the latest employment law cases, legal developments and trends impacting business operations, labor relations, compensation, benefits and the many other employment-related issues impacting businesses today. The HBS Employment Practice Group helps clients avoid, resolve, and prevail in disputes involving the full range of employment and labor issues.

HBS Georgia Water Blog

Environmental law is one of the most dynamic, high-profile legal areas today. In fact, environmental issues impact every segment of our society. Made up of global, international, national, state, and local statutes, treaties, conventions, regulations and policies, environmental law seeks to protect the environment, natural resources and endangered species from the affects of human activities. Environmental decisions not only impact a company’s ability to do business, but they also affect the water we drink and the air we breathe. Hall Booth Smith attorneys bring extensive experience in the environmental legal arena, sharing their insights into environmental laws and regulations and providing advice on ways to assure legal and regulatory compliance, manage risk and limit liability.

HBS Immigration America: A Brave New World

Immigration America: A Brave New World, HBS’s immigration law blog, is where readers will find up-to-date and comprehensive information on immigration laws and United States Citizenship and Immigration Services regulations. The Immigration lawyers provide practical advice to help employers, as well as individuals and families, with their immigration needs throughout the United States and abroad.

Intellectual Property Blog

The IP Blog provides updates and insights on the ever evolving intellectual property landscape to inspire strategies for the protection of copyright and trademark rights. Hall Booth walks its IP clients through a confusing array of laws, interests, and considerations to develop plans uniquely designed for any situation, entity, or individual.

Life, Death and Taxes-estate planning

The HBS estate planning blog, “Life Death and Taxes”, serves to advise clients on the many facets of what is generally lumped together and identified as “estate planning”, ranging from complex tax issues in wills, trusts and gifting, to more everyday issues such as whether to utilize a traditional estate plan with a Last Will and Testament or to instead use a Revocable Trust as part of one’s estate plan. Estate Planning is not just the creation of a Will, it can involve sensitive or difficult family planning issues (e.g., for beneficiaries with special needs), charitable giving, and even guardianship and conservatorship for incapacitated persons. Every spectrum of the estate planning and administration process will be covered. In short, the purpose of the blog is to provide a start to finish review of the planning process, document drafting, tax planning, charitable planning, and post death administration of estates.

National Insurance Coverage Blog

The HBS Insurance blog provides updates on coverage developments across the insurance spectrum. HBS insurance coverage attorneys represent clients in providing legal guidance and litigating property and casualty coverage disputes across the country. The blog will allow our legal team to highlight developments they see in their state or region of significance that impact the insurance industry.

Opioid Task Force

HBS announces the establishment of the Opioid Defense Task Force. The Opioid Task Force Blog covers strategic best practices for compliance, and defense of opioid prescription-related actions. Learn from attorneys, providers, insurers and pharmaceutical companies – on a national and regional level – about this emerging healthcare watershed. We will discuss healthcare provider compliance with enhanced and evolvingrequirements for schedule II and III opioid and opioid addiction-related prescriptions. This will include the evolving requirements for patient file confidentiality, file maintenance and prescription drug reporting through Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs, including PMPAware in Georgia and reporting recommendations from organizations like the National Alliance for Model State Drug Laws. We will cover the important differences between Medical Board investigations, Board hearings, and how to circumvent criminal charges, including the proper scope of investigatory subpoenas and HIPAA compliance. We will also share case law updates and experiences from attorneys and practitioners who have facedopioid prescription-related litigation.

Southeastern Farmland and Timberland Legal Blog

Hall Booth Smith, P.C.’s Southeastern Farmland and Timberland Legal Blog provides updates and analysis on key legal issues impacting institutional and traditional owners of farm property and timber property in the Southeastern United States. Authored by a team of agricultural, real estate, and transactional lawyers, these articles will address emerging issues in rural property ownership and answer common questions that arise out of the operation, leasing, divestiture and acquisition of farm and timber properties.

HBS ToothWisdom

The Dental Law blog, ToothWisdom, provides the latest information in a wide variety of areas affecting dental practice. From discussions of liability cases, legal updates, and the latest trends in plaintiff and defense strategies, the blog provides tips for success in dealing with liability issues and liability avoidance strategies. ToothWisdom is filled with information on business operations best practices and ways to cut costs and improve a dental practice’s bottom line. Readers will find practical advice and effective solutions to everyday problems encountered in their dental practices.

HBS Transportation 

The HBS Transportation blog provides updates on the latest news and legal developments in the transportation industry. Our HBS transportation attorneys represent a wide array of clients in transportation-related litigation, including insurers, insureds and various self-insurance funds. The blog allows our legal team to more effectively communicate with existing and potential clients regarding useful information about local, regional, and national issues.  The HBS Transportation blog offers readers practice information, news, resources, and information on legal developments impacting the transportation industry.

HBS Workers’ Compensation

The Workers’ Compensation blog is written by HBS attorneys who represent insurance carriers, self-insured employers/servicing agents, and uninsured employers in all types of workers’ compensation cases. This blog keeps readers informed about the latest workers’ compensation issues and legal developments.